Ibiza Family Holidays

The reason I do not have as single blog post here for the ENTIRE month of July is because we just returned home from a LONG 4 weeks on hot Ibiza, Spain.  The perks of having relatives living on the island during this particular summer!  I have so many photos and videos and so much in my head. Not sure if I’ll ever find the time to update this blog with details on where we went, what we did, but will post some of the photos and videos and go from there.

We spent time there in 2000, 2007 and 2008 but this time with a 7 and 5 year old was great!  They are both active in swim lessons, but are not yet officially able to swim, hence the floats on the arms.

I’m trying to get back to updating the million photos I’ve taken during our trip.

First up:  D’alt Vila – The Old City!

Located on the North East part of the Island, Cala de San Vincent is one of my favorite places on the island. After some very windy roads (insert sad face for our Maebh who gets car sick) you come to a beautiful beach area with some restaurants, a couple resorts & some apartments and shops.  The beach is full of white sand and there are no hidden rocks in the water.  This is ideal for young kids and to play catch or paddle boards without hurting our feet. The resort area is a mix of families and couples and seems to be a lot of Italians here.    My main gripe, actual only gripe is that there are no beach chair rentals down by the sea – they are all way back, so you’ll burn your feet running to the water.  They do rent umbrellas, but worth purchasing your own for 20 at the start of your vacation vs. renting one each time at 6.00.  Plus with kids, you might be there all day or for an hour.

Cala San De Vincent Ibiza

I especially like the Dutch beach cafe called Restaurante & Chill Out – On The Beach Ibiza. The food was great, frozen margaritas and just a good vibe.  If I could have a bar there, it would be like this one even keeping the Dutch food for my family members – though I could pass on them.  The best I think for the entire island – we’d definitely return here on our next trip.


During this trip, the kids loved to look for the Pacha logo & store throughout the island and would like to buy all items inside. 🙂   Maebh did buy a sticker for her helmet.

FIFTEEN of us took a day trip to Formentera. We took the boat from the city so we got a great view from the water.

Poor Maebh did get seasick so we will always bring tablets for her.

When we arrived we picked up our pre-reserved bicycles – with a group this big you had to reserve.  Thankfully, Maebh’s belly was fine so loads of water playing.

Nils spent a week in Seville for an event, so the kids and I had some free time.  We went on a glass bottom boat – perfect as I know Nils would have hated it.  It was nice but when the captain aka some local Spanish dude lit up a cigarette while sitting NEXT do a big tin of gasoline I nearly died.  And when we were smoked out of a cave from our boat fumes – other than that we survived. Would I pay to do it again – NO!! Not even sure if I’d go for FREE if it was going to be like this again 🙂

We had many beach days – so many swims in the sea but they also love the pool.

And after so many days in the pool with chlorine, their blonde heads started turning GREEN! Kid you not – read online to put in ketchup to offset it, it helps!!  I looked around at the shops in the tourist areas and at Decathalon for some swimmer shampoo but couldn’t find it.   Ketchup does the trick!

Another super fun day was the FOAM DISCO PARTY at Popeyes Bar, Es Canar!   Yep, for kids! They loved it!  The area was fairly small so all the parents could sit and have drink ][ideal place for a frozen margarita but nope :(] and the kids could enjoy the foam party.  If they wanted to clean off, a lady had a hose but as you can imagine after hosing off kids for a hour, it was pretty cold water.   This place is Es Canar – probably one of the cheapest, no-frills areas of the island and very British (no offence British friends). It’s not as party-hard San Antontio but it’s not our favorite place on the island. Really the only reason to go to this place is for this party on Thursday afternoons! Otherwise I would just avoid it the whole area as there are far better places to spend your time while on island.

My phone was very hot so I couldn’t take more photos.  If Nils still has photos on his camera, I’ll post them here.

As Port de Sant Miguel was the closest beach and was very easy to park (most of the times – but on Sunday afternoon parking is horrible as the entire island including locals head to the beach).  It is a family friendly and easy going resort area so we ended up going here quite a bit.  And naturally we found a little place called Solicamp which we had drinks and ice cream while the kids played pool, trampoline, table tennis, mini golf, etc.  There were apartments upstairs, which would be a great place to stay and very convenient to the beach. We even saw a birthday party there but the type of place that they kids were never out of sight so easy for kids of all ages.  It is also right next door to the private medical clinic which we had to take Soren to for some high powered meds due to a bad ear infection – poor guy!
Also located at Port de Sant Miguel is a small but very delicious place called Chiringuito Pascual. This is the place where Soren lost his second baby tooth while having an ice cream.
This place was a favorite of mine as they have yummy tapas, nice pizzas and good salads with giant shrimp, simple toasties for the kids and close to our go-to beach and they also were our toilet facilities. I wished they could make a frozen margarita too – clearly missing something here.
Tutti Frutti Man was conveniently around us every time so we often treated ourselves to a fresh fruit cup and once got the coconut.
and another nap.
One evening we went up to San Antonio to take in the sunset on the “Sunset Strip” but after walking around for a few minutes, we were quick to realize that 6.00 for a SODA was a bit extreme and it would be well over 50. for us to have a beer, margarita and two kids’ drinks and truthfully the San Antonio scene, not matter what the sunset was like is not us.  So we went up to Cala Salada and took int he sunset there.  The beach itself is way down a hole lot of stairs, but if you couldn’t make the steps, I assume one could drive down and pick you up.

I thought the kids might want to enjoy a sunset boat ride from Port de Sant Miguel – but after Maebh was sick on the boat already this trip, best to skip it.

I’ve read about a place called Hidden Bar in Cala San Vincent which was seemed like a cool place.  It was in fact cool, but there was so many tiny ants all over the tables, it sort of grossed me out.  Thankfully the second time we returned they were not there so it was just a once off dirty table probably.  The food was good – we had some appetizers and yummy drinks.  The kids area had trains, colouring stuff and mini golf – which was a tad bit pricey at 6.00 a go.  I’d suggest that be free to guests to entice them to stay while their kids have something to do.  All in all, it has so much potential…but between this place and it’s neighbor – Chill Out On The Beach would be my preference. Anyway, the British couple who ran the place have since moved on to Croatia and now a Dutch girl took over.  We’ll be back!
Another drinkie – this time in Santa Eualia.

And Cala Llonga –  my favorite beach on the island because the beach is very shallow so you have to walk out a good distance to be in deeper water so it is very easy to allow kids to throw a ball or play paddle ball up to their waists without fear of a drop off.  Tons of chairs very close to the beach, not too bad to find parking, endless dining options with bars, restaurants of all types and grocery stores so you can pack your own coolers.  Plus, we have good memories here as this is the beach resort which we first came to in 2006 – the same beach which we drank bloody marys all day (which I purchased tomato juice from the local shop) and hitchhiked up the hill in a Peugeot driven by a French family!  Our villa was just at the top but we were too drunk to walk 🙂

One of my favorite bars in the area is the Jam Shack – takes me straight back to Jamaica.   Next time, I’d like to eat here – as we only had drinks – oh and with daily Happy Hour from 5-8 pm, I can be in trouble! 🙂 If we ever stay on the island not in a house but a hotel or apartment, this is where I’d like to be located.

I’m a huge fan of grilled sardines and salad but clearly, our son is too! 🙂
Of course, if a super tall, hunky Dutch guy sits in front while I as trying to take a photo of Maebh :

Our sweet lady would often take a nap at the beach – so much sun and swimming – really wipes you out.   This is when the chairs and umbrella really come in handy!!

The first few days when the kid saw the pedalo boats, we made plans to go out on it.

Having never been on wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’ll safely say I’d prefer to NOT do that again!

One evening we went over to Las Dalias – Ibiza’s original hippy market.  It was packed with super-tanned, tourists looking at all the lovely stalls.  The kids attended the kid’s camp – a “supervised” area with crafts, games and toys. They loved it but at 5.00 per half four, per child, they only stayed in one hour.  Afterwards, we had a drink – I had a frozen margarita and the kids smoothies.

The kids loved the beach but also loved the pool.

Below I will post some of the videos we took – mainly using the underwater camera.  So the quality is not the best but was a lot of fun – especially feeding the fish bread.  As with all my videos – there is loads of yelling, talking my horrible voice so fair warning – you may want to turn off or down the speakers!

And this was just some of our vacation photos.  But what you see is that the island of Ibiza is a family destination and not just a club singles place -which does exist you just are not overloaded with it if you don’t stay in San Antonio or some other resort areas like Playa Den’ Bossa, etc.

Author: Stars Stripes and Mayonnaise

I am an American currently living in the Netherlands. I enjoy snapping photos and blogging along the way about our family’s journey as we moved from USA to the UK for a couple years then onto Ireland for three & half years and now in our next adventure in the Netherlands where the kids and are are learning Dutch. As you can probably tell by the name of the blog “Stars, Stripes & Mayonnaise” our family is half American & half Dutch and if you know one thing about the Dutch is that they LOVE their mayonnaise! I seen ’em do it man, they fuckin‘ drown ’em in it. When I started this blog way when it was to capturing memories of our family – essentially a journal of our family adventures, their love of mayonnaise, my love of photography, D.I.Y., crafting, sea glass hunting and exploring with our two amazing kids.

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