Ibiza: 2008

In 2000 (before I had a digital camera – (insert chuckle) we had a lovely holiday on Ibiza.
God that was long ago).

Then in 2007, eight years ago , we were very lucky to have holidays on Ibiza.

Nils and I flew from Boston.  At the time I was about 3-4 months pregnant.  Aer Lingus “lost” my bag in Barelona and I was without clothes for a few days.   Fast forward the next summer, 2008, we returned and this time with Soren who was 6 months old.  It was our first time meeting, Mark my brother-in-law.

All my old photos are on my old laptop (I think) but I did have these posted on my facebook page so I was getting a bit of a chuckle with these.  Soren was so cute (well still is, but look at that baby face!!)  Nils and I look a bit younger (or at least I think so) and even a bit thinner ;)!  I’m going to see if  I can dig up any more photos.











We took a day trip to Formentera where we rented mopes, ate yummy food and swam in the sea.



It was a lot of fun then but I’m very excited to return with Soren now that he is 7 and Maebh at 5.   They’re very much looking forward to spending time there and exploring the island.  So many new things to check out (and some old favorites).

I envision we’ll avoid the entire San Antonio area but visit other family friendly (yet still a bit built up) areas like Santa Eularia.   They have a long, tree-lined promenade and some boat charters.  I think the kids would enjoy a glass bottom boat trip out of Es Canar. Yesterday Soren was telling me about a Banana Boat ride – but clearly a bit to young for that now.

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