Rathbeggan Lakes – County Meath

In looking at all the attractions in the Meath area, we settled to check out Rathbeggan Lakes. 

When we arrived, we paid 10 for our family of four for admission – not bad, right?  All the activities were an additional fee – which we knew that ahead of time. Anyway, more about that later…

The first thing we come to is a grassy area with about 8 bouncy castles.  For 5 pp, you had unlimited bouncing.  It sounded great, but after about 20 minutes, both kids got tired of bouncing & dodging all the kids.  So we set off to explore the other parts of the park.  The area around the castles were a bit wet so within seconds they had extremely wet & muddy socks.  

We first popped over to the playground, which was nothing special.  Typical American-style backyard swing set but nearby was a pony ride, donkey, group of chickens, goats and bunnies – those were cute and makes me still want to have backyard chickens – one day, but not in Dublin! 

We continued on checking out the price tag of things park and decided to first have a walk around and head into the Heritage Park.  Which was disappointing to say the least.  Their website says…. 
“Historical replicas include an ogham stone, a stone-age camp, a Crannog, standing Stone Circle, a Passage Grave, a Dolmen, a Bog Road, a Fullacht Fiadh, a Souterrain, a Ringfort, a Lia Fáil, a Norman Fort and Motte, an Island Monastery, a Holy Well, a Nature trail and a reconstruction of an Archaeological Dig.”

but we didn’t see a single sign so didn’t know what was what.  Guess you’d have to buy the tour to get the full explanations.  

Back to the “fun” area of the park… where we saw people climb the rock wall, zip line, swan paddle boats & even fish.  

Would we go back – NO!  I don’t think it’s great value for money.  Considering fuel to get there from Dublin. Thankfully our kids were satisfied with the bouncing, picnic lunch and ice cream from the truck before heading out towards Trim Castle.    Personally, if I owned the place, I’d charge a larger “admission fee” and with it you get a few tokens, allowing kids to choose what they want to do or decrease the cost per item.  Sure fishing and zipline could be more money but all the extras were just too expensive.      

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