Dublin Bay Prawn Festival – Howth 2015

On Sunday, we headed up to one of our favorite places, Howth.  There is just something about the village we love – it’s a mix of Rockport and Gloucester.  Home of the local RNLI and our two favorite “local” pubs.  So while we don’t live in Howth (yet as we may one day), we are the next town over and thankfully closer to school.

Once a year, they host a festival.  In the past it was a Jazz Festival and about five years ago it was changed to celebrate something local which the fishermen catch which is Dublin Bay Prawns and fish.  Personally I thought it was a bit like the Cromer Crab Festival and the RNLI Open Day in Cromer with some differences.They didn’t have the large local crafting/small business stalls – only a few including a the Yacht Club.  The food demonstration tent was pretty cool with the head fishmonger of a local shop, Nicky’s Plaice, out on the pier demonstrated filleting hake and other fish, along with how to peel a Dublin Bay Prawn. After he did his demonstration, he told people in the audience they could help themselves as all the fish was donated by the local fishermen but please leave a donation for the RNLI.  There was some awesome huge pieces of hake, which I would love to have for dinner but that meant for the next four hours, I’d have to carry a wet bag of fish around and I know Nils would be annoyed so I didn’t .  But if I lived up the street I would have popped it into my fridge or dinner – but I will be back to that shop to buy some fish which comes off boats less than 60 feet from the front door. Oh yeah, I wish I got a photo but suddenly people started appearing from the back rows and outside and were like scavengers. They were to take “a piece” and leave a donation but it was like one lady putting in four large pieces and I saw her 10 minutes later getting more and only a few were putting a donation in the pot.

One of the features of the event is the huge food tent, with stalls from all various local restaurants.  It was of course, packed all the time and as it was evident we were not going to stand in long line for a small bowl of food then find a place to stand an eat it.  So Soren and I split 9 very delicious oysters and we had some lunch in a local pub.
Of course the RNLI presence is huge, local music, a pretty big fun fair section with a huge ferris wheel which I did get in – so was able to get some lovely photos.  10 years ago  I could go on an upside down loopty, loop roller coaster and love it, but now,older, wiser and a mom of two kids, I hate all those “dangerous” things. So naturally when Soren started to spin the basket on the ferris wheel, I hated it!

Maebh rode a car which she called a “barbie car” and Soren and Nils went on the bumper cars….

and then Soren and I played the water shooting game – which was packed so the prize was a large one.  And .. I won! So we ended up with Allabelle the Elephant for Maebh for 6.00 euro 🙂   Later we learned it was called “Anxious”.

Some cotton candy to get them very sugared up and then head home on the DART just as the rain started to fall.

It was a lovely day out and I was happy the sun came out on Sunday so we could enjoy the day dry.

Would we go back – YES!

Favorite part for the kids:  Everything!   Maebh’s:  Ferris Wheel  Soren’s: Bumper Cars


I just think it needs to be later in the season in the warmer weather so the businesses and visitors enjoy it more!

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