Maebh’s 5th Birthday Party

Hard to believe our “baby” has just turned FIVE! On her actual real birthday, the day after Easter, we celebrated it with dinner and cake at home with our friends Megan & Anthony who were over from America.  On that day, we bought her a #5 badge and balloon – which the second we got out of the car it blew away – despite buying a weight for it.  The girl at the shop did a rubish job tying – sad!

As we were in the middle of moving houses, I didn’t dare host it at the new (or old place). Plus, the parents just drop off, so why go through the hassle of having a big hoopla here when I can just have it at an indoor place space.   A brand new place just opened up called Funky Monkeys above Tesco and so we thought we’d have the party there.  We chose to do it a couple weeks after her birthday as it was Easter break from school so many kids head away for those two weeks off.  We chose Sunday morning at 10 am as we figured that is the slowest time.  Many people are in church or at home resting – while the kids at our school tend not to be religious.  It was great – it only started getting busy as we were leaving  dragging kids out crying that they didn’t want to leave (thankfully not mine).

You could only take photos inside the party rooms hence the limited photos, but you’ll get the gist.














One of the best parts was when they brought the cake (after the ice cream – odd process) but she was too busy eating her ice cream while everyone was singing to her.

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