Dublin Zoo

Last year when we were in Dublin for a long weekend, the kids & I visited the Dublin Zoo.   As you’ll see from the photos on that post, we were nearly the ONLY people in the zoo that day … it was FREEZING cold.

As we had Tesco vouchers for two free adult admission tickets and the weather yesterday was lovely, we took advantage and headed there.   Clearly half the families in Dublin and all the scout groups were there too… and when they arrived in the playgroun, we cleared out asap.

Unlike the one-on-one personal touch you get when visiting the otters, spider monkies, caymans and jaguars at the Cromer Zoo, here the zookeeper chucks a few handfuls of veg to the Orangutans – a small talk (no microphone = impossible to hear) and off we went to see other animals.



The elephants also had a feed with narration, but the speaker system was pretty bad and couldn’t hear… plus kids had to pee, so wanted to move along after not long.  They were my favorite animals.






A few photos of the animals we passed…








and our animals…




and how funny is it that their favorite potato chips have a promotion with IBIZA!

Overall the day was a nice family day, but one thing is for certain, is that we’d NEVER spent 170 euro on a family membership.   Instead, we’d go with a membership to Tayto Park – and even that is a stretch as I’m not sure we’d go there as often as I’d like.  Unless you live very close to these places. the chances you’ll go often are slim.

Would we go back – NO!  Having been twice now with the kids, they are bored of it.   Unless we are given free tickets, I cannot see us paying to return.


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