Scoot bikes, Micro Scooters & Real Bicycles and Snowy Boston

Maebh has a small Micro scooter which she uses all the time.  She’s  nearly 5, but she’s still pretty small so can continue to use her Micro, though I have been after a Maxi.  The Maxi is similiar but its a bit sturdier and geared towards kids 6-12 as it has an adjustable handle.  Anyway, I saw one posted on an online site and grabbed it straight away – as her son who is 8 had outgrown it.   They are 125 new and when I could get it for 45, I was psyched!  

Small world is the person selling it was a woman who I had “met” online previously at an expat Group. We reconnected, this time in person, and it’s a huge bonus as I now just joined a group which she belongs and it’s very active and loads of great stuff in the future! 

So when I got it home, turns out it is a great size for Soren and Maebh will eventually grow into it.     Scoot bike and scooter fun in the front driveway.

Yesterday we took a drive to Dun Laoghaire Harbor to check out what it was like and let the kids scoot around on the pier.  

There were tons of familes out for walks/scoots.  The water was very calm and nice color – but the skies behind us over the town, looked like it was going to downpour but thankfully it didn’t. 


And of course there is an RNLI. 



After some time on the pier, we walked into the town centre to have a look around.   We popped over to Rothar, the bicycle shop which had some great deals for kids bikes.   The shop offers families an affordable way to get good bikes for their children. Participants in the scheme can trade in a child’s bike that’s gone too small for them and get a new one that’s a better fit for a flat fee. Families looking to buy a bike but do not have a bike to trade in, are very welcome too –  that is what we did.  For €75 we got both bikes!!



When it came time to go home, we had trouble getting both bikes into our trunk, so I took the kids on the train home and Nils put the car seats in out, flattened down the seats and fit the bikes in. So the kids & I went off on a train adventure!




The train was dead quite as all of Dublin was watching the Six Nations Rugby game  – Ireland vs France at the Aviva Stadium as we drove by, you could see all the people …. thankfully we got home just in time to see them win 18-11… and luckily not be on the train when they piled inside.

Fast forward one day and it was the day to teach Soren how to ride a bike… a few explainations and within minutes he was off doing it himself – it was great.  

So the plan is that we’ll take him for a bit of a ride in the park to be sure he has good control, before we set off on the school run on bikes.  But he surprised us on how easy it was for him. The whole time, Maebh was his biggest fan shouting “well done, Soren” right behind him on her scooter.  

She had trouble riding her bike at first (even with training wheels), but has been at it in the house for the past couple hours….

And to add to all this excitement of bikes – there has been some flowers blooming in the yeard! It’s still chilly and at night they close up, but Spring is nearly here.  




Compared to Boston where they are being killed with snow.  Here are some photos of what is happening there and to think there was a time when I considered visiting Boston in February?!
   After 3 feet of snow, they got another 2 FEET and another 8 inches….  Most homes have mounds over 6 FEET high surrounding them. 




Here is a video of Winthrop – where  we lived for a few years – where both kids were born and my parents home for the past 15 or so years!


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