Soren’s 7th Birthday

Hard to believe that SEVEN years ago today, Soren was born.    Today is a school day but that is still special.  He gets to be the line leader (at the front of the line) to go outside twice and to go to GAA. He also gets to wear a rosette, picks out a card, and brings in sweeties to share with the class.  Then after school, I’ll take him to the toy store to buy a gift and then we’ll have dinner at the Golden Elephant in Sutton Cross.

At Soren’s request we ate out at the Golden Elephant – which was comical in many ways but the food is so good – best Asian we’ve had in Europe!  Though you pay a great premium for eating in so we’ll stick with take-way in the future.

When we got home, despite being VERY sugared up from the coca cola (which I never allow and did) and the surprise ice cream they gave him (and sang to him) we had cake (well two cakes!).

He opened his few presents which include a CD player boom box for his room, a gift card to Game Stop where he’ll no doubt put it towards a second play station controller and a world map pencil holder from his friend Harvey in the UK.  It’s perfect for his room as he loves the world map – as he has three globes alone in his room and a giant world map book which he looks at daily – perfect gift! A thank you card will be coming your way!   I have a little trouble getting homework done so thank you cards will follow – probably a bit slowly.

On Sunday, he had a great birthday party at an indoor play space where he and his friends played laser tag and indoor ball pit/climbing area.   At a party like this, it’s not possible to invite the entire class so he chose all the boys and two girls.  We did it at 11 am on Sunday morning – you save 2. euro per child but we did it as it is the quietest time!!

While we waited for a few friends to come, Soren and Maebh first played a game of air hockey which is always a bit competitive.

 It was followed by a big shooting game with two friends…. oh boy is all I could say.

The kids first started by breaking up into two teams – red & blue.  Then after some instructions, which they were clueless after being told what to do – lol, the were allowed to play 20 minutes of laser tag.

After the game, which the blue team won (score card was funky to read), they moved into the Zoo area which is a ball pit section.  They were a bit big for it, but still had fun.  Soren did get smashed in the face by a pal by accident in a run away colision but it was only a brief 5 minute delay.   Maebh and her two friends loved it here… this is where they spent their two hours.

Finally, with 11 starving kids they were off to eat their lunch and have cake – this was a bit crazy and loud but they had loads of laughs.

This section of boys is what I labeled as the WILD boys…  the poor teacher!! ha ha

And to end the party was the cake!!

Here you open the presents at home…. which he enjoyed doing. He has almost enough to buy his second, wireless remote control for his PS3!

I have already heard so many of the kids loved the laser tag they want their party there next year, including Soren. I think as they get older, bowling downstairs could be really fun too.  We shall see what next year brings… being a late January child – indoor is our only option.

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