School’s Winter Fair

This past weekend we attend our school’s Winter Fair… it was really great and the kids had a lot of fun.  I worked a couple shifts at the parent craft table which was a lot of fun considering I love those DIY crafty things and made loads of little santa seashells which were big sellers.

The kids had a great time to start Santa’s Grotto.  They first had to write a letter to “Santy” and then mail it… then decorate a stocking which “Santy” would fill.   The video is hillarious but it’s too big so once I figure out how to make it smaller and I’ll post.

Both loved the games room, cinema upstairs were they watched Toy Story with popcorn.  Maebh was also crazy about all the other bits like Frozen Face painting which I think resembled a PANTOMINE – agree?

She also loved decorating  candle, which we keep forgetting to light at dinner, and so many other things while Soren ran around with mainly class 2 boys and played soccer outside.

Oh and there was the best used toy & bric-a-brac section where I got a huge collection of trains and wooden tracks for a fiver.  Soren has set them up in his room and loves them.  While we took all his trains from America when we moved overseas over two and a half years ago, but couldn’t take all the wooden tracks.  Oh and these lovely shoes were spotted by our 4.5 year old princess who wears them DAILY and can’t understand why she can’t wear them to school each morning.  And just tonight started off wearing the in bed as that is what Cinderella does!

As our school is an Educate Together school it is quite international, so we had an large International Food table at the fair.  As far as I know, all the food was a big hit and I think it all sold out. I made American Pigs in a Blanket (I know not so orginal but I knew it’s perfect for kids and they sold out!)  Believe it or not, I have never made them but my kids loved them too so I forsee some of these being served at Soren’s Angry Birds party next month.

There was also an Algerian Tomato Basil soup with a Polish roll.  German cookies, Portugese & Slovakian somethings, Indian bahjis and potato cakes, two veggie queches, Spanish Cider chorizo and so much more I can’t remember.  I only wish I took photos of the food… it was a big hit.

I’m still waiting to hear the total of funds raised, but I hope it was a great deal… as our school really runs on donations vs. being parish funded.  Looking forward to the Summer Fair as I have so may new ideas for this school.

Instead of a nativity play the school has individual class presentations where they sing different songs, etc. But as they requested we not publish any videos or photos on social media, I won’t put it up here.  Very cute though.

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