Cromer, Norfolk UK: Racing Boats, Planes & Rafts – North Lodge Boating Lake & Henry Blogg Museum

Yesterday the kids & I went up to Cromer to take part in the Children’s Week activities on the North Lodge boating lake.   Just a couple days before, we ran into Sheila, Maebh’s nursery teacher whose sister runs the Children’s Week stuff with her husband. She gave the kids some cute spotted teddies and suggested we go to this event and the ducks on the pier & disco events on Friday (but I had a Dr. appt in Norwich during the events on Friday – so we’d have to miss that day.)

We got there just in time to get the directions on how to build a paper boat – which was so fast I have already forgotten.  The kids were to put them into the water and the first one to blow over to Libby wins. Trouble was that there was no wind so it took much longer than hoped.   And as you expected, some overly competitive parents splashing the water and anything to assist their kids boat to win.

Next up was the task of building a raft with sticks, paper, four cups and tape.  I admit having never done it before it was pure rubbish, I now know for next time we have to build a raft – lol.

Next up was the planes… like the other things a quick demonstration on how to fold it and then the kids got into age groups to fly.  First up was under 5 girls.  Clearly mothers pictured here did the throwing of the planes so their kids would win or place.  This carried on for all age groups and if you asked me it was really bad.

The Greek photographer (and I think chef) who is always smiling & very well-know in Cromer was suddenly on the ground taking photos so I had a big chuckle at that until his big camera scraped across the ground as he was getting up – yikes!

When we had enough, we spent some time in the Henry Blogg Museum where the kids love to spell CROMER with the flags, then upstairs for some Fire Brigade bad design which Soren drew the Colorado forest fires – I’ll take a photo and post – it was awesome and 100% his idea!   I’ve been here so many times and each time you learn something new.

On the way out, Maebh says – “Hey mom, such a beautiful view, don’t ya think?”  One of my favorites!!

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