Day Visit to Seashore Holiday Park – Great Yarmouth

We were given the chance to experience a day at the Seashore Holiday Park just north of Great Yarmouth. Of course, as there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, I assumed we’d have to take a tour of the property before we could use it.  But when we go there, no such thing.  We were given day passes and sent off to explore and do whatever we wanted.

I had done some research and thought the park offered a lot of amenities but thought a week stay there during peak season was really pricey at like 800 a week.  But after some research that was for their luxurious higher end units.  They do have a lot of activities such as mini golf, rock climbing, archery and other things like a GREAT indoor pool area, outdoor splash pad which I knew the kids would love.   Soren LOVED the bucket dump.




Not all are free but as we had VIP passes, we got some things for free – so we did mini golf.







Clearly my weekly golf lessons are paying off – I beat Nils 😉 despite giving up and taking a 10 for one hole.


Anyway, I will say the park was nice – just a short walk to a private beach,  but what made the day not the best were the other guests.  At first I was convinced it was a bit more upmarket but that was until we spent a few hours there.  Sure the “owners” area with loads of perks and some of them were “normal” but Nils pointed out some of the small units which had clothes all over the ground outside could sleep 11!

Maebh and I had some fun together while Soren & Nils returned to the indoor pool.   We had ice cream & watched a wedding.


I CANNOT MAKE UP THE NEXT PARTS – NOR COULD I TAKE PHOTOS WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT.  You’ll just have to visualize the next part to understand the experience. 

We were sitting in the bar area RELAXING having a drink taking photos with our privileged card laughing, while the kids played in the indoor play area.


Suddenly about 6 heavily tattooed (worst homemade type ones too) mothers, one father and about 30 kids between them arrived.  A pregnant one was SMOKING, eating their own made sandwiches, yelling at their kids.  Poor kids, really!  A boy who was about 4 had a big gold stud earring in his left ear.  He was palling around with Neveah (which is HEAVEN backwards – I kid you not!)   Between swearing and yelling they were getting them dressed to go into the pool while standing outside – having one go pee outsie on the GROUND near where we were.  It was horrendous – I suggested we go inside but Nils refused but pointed out that it was possible that most of them stayed in one small caravan.  lol  Thankfully they only stayed for about 10 minutes before moving on to the inside pool area.  But it was not without some drama – they spent about 5 minutes running around frantically looking for little Georgie, one of their poor kids who went missing.  Only to be found in the changing rooms ALONE by the staff who assisted the search.  Thankfully he wasn’t found in a pool somewhere…  

While we sat there having some nachos and kids ate their sandwich, I spotted another lovely family.  The grandfather wore gold rimmed glasses, pinky ring and just smiled and tapped his hands on the table.  The son, smoked like a chimney… it was the grandmother which I was horrified at.  She was about 250 pounds, but that was not the problem, she was giving her 2.5 year old granddaughter swigs of her BEER!  Not a tiny sip (as I”m not sure what you’d do that anyway) but full on sips.  Then they’d all crack up laughing.  Then suddenly the 7 year old boy, whom I assume was the son’s kid runs to the table from the playground a picks up his OWN 1/2 pint glass of beer and drinks it. Yes, they ordered him his own.  I was horrified and wanted to go off on the staff, but Nils said it was pointless.

And the last crazy thing which happened was that we were in the funfair area playing high priced games (but on new machines) then suddenly we notice a mother walking towards us and she had her dress pulled down to just under her bra and her boobs – thankfully still in her bra.  I told Nils she HAD to be on drugs to not notice it.  She then walked up to her guy who was busy playing the 2 pence game to win more 2 pence coins and then he went right back to playing unfazed – clearly not normal.

Anyway, for the three situations above, I’d have to say our family would NOT return.  But if any of my Norfolk, UK friends want to experience the park – click here & sign up.  The park is lovely too bad for the guests!  


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