RNLI Cromer Life Boat Open Day & Overstrand Beach

Today was the RNLI Cromer Life Boat Day.  Having missed it last year due to work, this year I really wanted to attend.  While we were there before 11 am, I underestimated the number of people on the end of the pier and inside so it was impossible to view it from the end.  Nils had Soren on his shoulders and got a great view, while Maebh and I went towards the East side and had a great view of the demonstrations once the boat launched.

They started off by demonstrated the inshore lifeboat. First a lifeguard swam from the end of the pier (where the lifeboat launches) and swam quite a distance towards two men in a dingy. She pretended to be a swimmer needing help and they launched the inshore boat.  It was only about 20 seconds from when the engine started until they were at the swimmer – very impressive.

They then followed on with several other demonstrations – all were neat to see. We watched some from the pier and some from the shore.

We finally ran into Lise & her kids – so they all took a ride on the teacups!  We had to ask the guy to stop spinning them as he was going a bit fast.  lol

We watched how the boat is put back into the station.

On the way back, we stopped and watched the Yow Yow’s play a bit before having a stroll on the pier where Soren showed the other kids how to pick up crabs and then on to the Henry Blogg Museum.

After the day in Cromer, it was approaching low tide, so just our family set off for Overstrand Beach to swim and have an afternoon at the sea and play on all the open sands.  Such a great beach at low tide – not many people, plenty of space to spread out and play bocci ball & run, run, run!

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