Woodland Holiday Park – Trimingham, Norfolk, UK

Late afternoon, after the kids returned from Oliver’s Super Hero’s party dressed as Spider Girl and Batman, we quickly changed and and headed back out.   (I didn’t take any photos – but they were all very cute. Three Captain America’s, a few Batman’s, one spiderman and two spider girls – 30 kids in all it was crazy – yet fun!

As the sun as shining and the thunderstorms had passed so we thought it would be fun to head to Mundsley Beach for a bit.  However, when we got there it was actually a bit chilly so we stopped in the fun fair for a few minutes – as we only had small change.

and .50 p was wasted on those grab games which rarely actually pick anything up.  They got ONE package of sugar lips which were inhaled by Soren but they loved it as you can see on their faces.

Afterwards, we stopped at Woodland Holiday Park in Trimingham to check it out. We had read that their facilities like pool, pub, games room, entertainment were open to the public but you have to pay a membership fee explained on this PDF.  They didn’t have any entertainment going on yesterday, but I took a copy of their upcoming events so we can check out “Andy The Clown” in July.  However, between the playground, arcade/games room, playing bubbles, frisbee and football with three other six year old boys, they had a great time.  And as it was starting to get late, we had a small dinner there – which was okay but we didn’t expect much.

We’ll definitely be back.  Tennis courts cycle hire, the pool area looked great, they have a nature trail where the kids learn and answer questions to get a stamp – a bit like the brass rubbings at Blicking Estate.  They also have a stocked, fresh water fishing lake, which I’m sure Soren would love.  Only need to figure out who is going to take the poor fish off the line.  I remember using a pair of pliers and breaking off the part of the hook which can rip their mouths so they come right off.

Here is a map of the park.

Update;  We ended up going back and doing the Nature Trail.

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