Crabbing Off Cromer Pier

Yesterday was the nicest day in terms of weather the ENTIRE half term week, so we took advantage and spent as much time outside as we could.  We first started off at the Gresham Village Car Boot sale, but it was really nothing much.  Nils picked up a DVD of Anton Senna, his favorite Formula One driver and I picked up a Mini Mode shirt for Maebh for only £1.  Apart from that and a lot of dog poop, it was nothing and we have no need to rush back.

However, the car boot sale up at Beeston Regis, which I think is pretty good, was also yesterday so we headed there after.  I picked up a couple things.  A nice tin and two shirts – all for a total of  £3.00.
Afterwards we headed up to Cromer to do some crabbing.
The plan was to do some crabbing off the Cromer Pier but fist we had to have lunch so we ate at the Rocket Cafe.  Nils had a burger, I had a vegetarian wrap and the kids had carrots with hummus and mac and cheese – all very yummy!  It was very busy but glad we got a seat with a great view.

Bubbles were fun for their short few minutes.

I love crabbing, but I just get so nervous of the kid standing and/or kneeling on the benches as if one is going to go over.  I get it is highly unlikely but I can’t relax about it.  I think if we were at Blakeney or Wells-Next-The-Sea, I am still not sure I could relax – lol.

We had some hiccups or frustrated, angry crabbing moments as if we were there for a million pound crab tournament, but the good news was caught FOUR crabs… which was three more than our last try.

Soren is a rock star picking up the crabs and looking for excuses to pick them up.. first to see their size. Then he wanted to see if one was a boy or a girl by looking at a part of their bellies.  Then he wanted to feed them, then show Maebh how to pick them up by putting your fingers on the side behind the pincers.  I was quite impressed that Maebh wanted to pick up the crab and really tried and did it.  A couple times though, I was nearly certain someone was going to be pinched.

As our rocks were washing away, we had to head back down to the beach twice to pick up some more, so all three kids & I headed off.

When we were done, Soren took his “catch of the day” proudly under the pier to return them to the sea.

It was fun under there, until he banged his head  – poor guy is such a klutz sometimes!

I was a little bummed as many of the people around us had tons in their baskets but a friend pointed out that the crabs have a LOT of choices as there were so many people crabbing and are probably full so no interested in our selection of bacon (and sand eels which was donated by a fellow crab fisher).

The kids loved it and we’ll go again – perhaps try Wells-Next-The-Sea so they can play at the beach, walk around the town and play at the Pirate ship playground – a favorite of the kids.  Plus Nils won’t have to keep pulling it up so might relax a bit too!

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