Hunstanton – West Norfolk

Weeks after we arrived in Sept 2012, we took the kids to Wells-Next-The-Sea & Hunstanton and today was very similar.  Watched the Wash Monster, had a pony ride on the beach, did some games and rides… they loved it all.  “Sunny Hunny” is as cheesy as can be but we know how much they like to be down by the seaside, with all the fun fair stuff.

Just like last time, Maebh rode Buttercup (whom she specifically requested)  but Soren chose the white horse, Molly.   The worker was clearly annoyed with me as I didn’t want them to ride at the same time – as each kid wanted to watch the other.   The two of them were very vocal to eachother too – talking crap along the lines of “she doesn’t want them to ride at the same time.  Then minute later, yeah, she requested they not go at the same time”.  I wanted to yell, shut up and just walk the pony you “xxxxx” but I wanted to be nice and PC.



After we visited the very funny fun fair just past the Sealife Centre – which sadly is still closed.  Nils joked going in to the kids to see if they can spot a baby in a ticket booth, but no such luck.  We did, however, see one of those horrible baby prams (which you could win) sitting there unattended and I’m sure that is where the baby goes while the parent works a ride or perhaps the mother was attending a horse on the beach giving me lip??

A ride and then off to the bouncy castle for a while.








And of course a quad ride….(and crash).

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