Kinderboerderij in Jubbega, Friesland

During the third part of the weekend to the Netherlands was that Nils’ grandmother, Beppe will be turning 90, so the family came together at 3 pm on Sunday to have a celebration of her including cakes, dinner, ice cream with sparklers, signing and loads of speeches from her 7 children.  How wonderful, right!

Before that event, we visited a Pannekoekenboederij called DeKoppenjan– which all the kids  LOVED!  I loved the place too – it’s such a great concept – I’d love to own such a place – I have so many ideas and the mark up is HUGE!

We also go to catch up with some family members and their daughter who wouldn’t be attending the afternoon party.   Soren and Maebh spent a lot of time together riding on the things in the playground…

Their favorite part was the giant bouncy pillow out back – that they could have done for hours.  In fact, they are still talking about it.

After some pancakes for the kids, we were off to Beppe’s party.   I didn’t, however, take any photos here as I was just not comfortable – didn’t think it would be received well by many, so I left it.  And of course, I am not in a single photo – sigh!


Schoterlandseweg 20 – 8411 ZD Jubbega


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