Ferry from Harwich, UK to Hoek Van Holland and back again

We set off on our family’s second adventure onboard the Stena Line from Harwich, UK to Hoek Van Holland.  The first trip, we took the day boat both ways so the kids (and myself) were very much looking forward to the night boat on the way over.  While it costs more money, it makes traveling for all of us so much easier where we can sleep and wake up and start the day.  

When we got on the ship, we went straight to our room to check it out… the kids were psyched for the bunk beds and immediately climbing up to check them out.

But after some thought, we decided that only Soren would sleep at the top – as Nils is too heavy in my opinion and did’t want to risk him above anyone. (Sorry Nils) and then Maebh and I slept in the two-person bed.

Finally settled, we all went to bed quite late.  The next morning, well before the wake up call, I was showered, dressed and out looking for some coffee.  As I knew the others were fast asleep, I took about 20 minutes to myself and went over to the slot machine room… where 20 euros became 43 and of course the 20 went back in. 🙂   I love to play roulette and slots a bit but always am prepared to lose what I play.

All in all, we loved the night boat and were looking forward to starting our weekend in Holland.  We are visiting the Appenheul, Nils & I are attending Liberte & Niels’ wedding and then we’re celebrating Nils’ grandmother’s 90th birthday!

++++++++++++++++++++  THEN THE RETURN JOURNEY +++++++++++++++++++++++++

As we had to get back by Tuesday morning, we had no choice but to take the day boat on the way back… it meant a fast drive from Friesland to Hoek Van Holland hoping we’d not hit traffic in Zwolle, Utrecht or Rotterdam but it also meant a LONG 6.5 hour trip.  I ended up getting a cabin for Maebh to take a long nap.. while it was manageable with the kids, I much much prefer the night boat.  They played in the kids club for a bit, ate a bit, watched Dutch cartons and played in windows of the cabin and boat.  I was tempted to take them to the movies but it was nearly 10 euro each for Rio 3 or Captain America.

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