Cromer Crab & Lobster Festival, Cromer, UK

Last year, we took the kids to the Crab & Lobster Festival in both Cromer & Sheringham. We all had a great time and so of course, we returned (but only to the Cromer portion) this time.

The kids started off getting their faces painted.  Maebh asked for a butterfly as she was one last year (her first time ever) but Soren asked to be a Dutch lion, which they couldn’t do so it quickly became a tiger, but he loved it!

The Punch & Judy show was happening in the same tent and just as we were finishing their faces it began – but Soren says he hated it and was quick to escape.  Maebh, however, asked to stay for a few to watch it.
While Soren and I walked around we came to the Bee guy who is at every event.  He loves spotting the “queen bee” which was conveniently marked and had a turn at rolling his own bee’s wax candle.

We spotted Sheila, Maebh’s teacher, so we did the Tombola table with her and between the two kids won THREE things – lucky us, more junk!

Part of the appeal of the Cromer portion of the festival is that the kids love to go on the rides including the trampolines, blow up slide, water walker ball and paddle boats/canoes.

 Soren tried the water walker last year and had a lot of fun, despite it being difficult.   Maebh even requested to go inside this year. I assumed she’d only last a couple seconds and want out and that was pretty much it. Once in, she realized how hard it really was, but as she had the confidence to go in and try it I didn’t want to spoil it for her.
And then the slide….

Next up was chips (french fries) from No. 1 Cromer outside by the seaside – very British!

And then onto the Cromer Pier where the kids “helped” crabbers with their catch.

As we were leaving the pier a Coast Guard helicopter flew over the town and circled back.  Was very neat to see…

It was a nice day for all.

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