Friends in Boston Party

On Saturday loads of our friends in Boston came together for a big party for us.  It was so nice to see everyone and the kids had a great time.  Only wished it was towards the beginning of our trip so we could see everyone a few times over the course of our month in Boston.   Hard to believe a week from today we are heading back and there are still friends and family I didn’t get to see and won’t as we’re now fully scheduled until we head back.  So hard with Easter, work, kids schedules, school vacation weeks, sickness etc. Just have to visit again sooner than 18 months from now.

Soren remembered most of his friends (Maebh a few) but in no time they were all playing together like it was 18 months ago in our backyard in Beverly.   Quite a few babies were born 14-18 months ago and all those babies are now walking around.

The moms took a photo (too bad it was later in the evening as there were other moms here, who left so were not in the photo but some of the older girls jumped in instead.

And of course, the dads who I called the ‘men in black’ appeared full of stories and laughter (and beer!)

It was really nice but a couple times, I found them doing their own thing away from all the screaming Probably not used to all the chaos as we don’t have these huge play dates like we used to do all the time.

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