Boston Trip: Easter Egg Hunt & Dinner with Dear Friends!

Over the past 8 years or so, our family has been having Thanksgiving and many Easter dinners with our friends John and Marlie and their family.  So it was only fitting as we were in the states for Easter to join them for dinner and their annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.

The egg hunt is at the house of a really nice couple, who host it at their house in Byfield, which is just a few minutes from my favorite beautiful, Newburyport.
A yummy bloody mary bar is set up which is hard to resist having a couple, then they blow the boat air horn and the kids are off in search of the “golden egg“.

I made these little eggs, which tasted good, but were a bit ugly.

This year there were nine kids in all, who all love the adventure to fill their baskets up with tons of plastic eggs filled with chocolate.  A couple years back, Soren found the “golden egg” and inside it was a $10.00 bill plus some candy.   We then took it home, had it for a year and then returned it the following year filled up again.

Soren was very close to finding it and was in the right direction, but just a few steps too late.  We did, however, discuss that if either he or Maebh didn’t find it, we’d congratulate the winners and not cry.  They were totally fine with it and when you see the amount of candy in the eggs, you’d know why.

After the egg hunt, we walked by back to Lenway Avenue to be with our friends.  We pass a lovely red house on the corner.
Back at their house, the kids watched Frozen, played bubbles, scooters, jump rope and with the little golden doodle, Derby.

It was so great to see them and catch up, as we have been living in the UK since Sept 2012, we have not seen them in person for a while.  And dinner and dessert was, as always, delicious!  Such a nice family and glad we met them one day in Dominican Republic!

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