Boston Trip: Tourist Adventures – Exploring Boston’s North Shore – Beverly, Rockport & Gloucester

Today the four of us took a drive up the coast to the North Shore.  We first stopped at Bear Skin Neck in Rockport and walked around bit.

While it was Easter weekend and there were some tourists there, the full on busy season really starts in May, so many restaurants were still closed.   It was still such a pretty place to walk around and poke in and out of the shops and admire their windows.

When Maebh and I spotted a machine which stamps your penny flat with a picture of Motif 1 on it, we couldn’t resist.  So far they have 5 of them each or so from various tourists spots.  Only this one was electronic so extra cool.

And the famous Motif 1 – which I think is coined “the most often painted and possibly photographed building in America.”

This little shop had some characters outside of Gumby and Pokey so I couldn’t resist a photo.

And up the tip of Bear Skin Neck, you can see all the lovely houses dotting the coast line.  Very New England.

Speaking of houses, as we started to drive from Rockport to the Mile Marker One in Gloucester for lunch and then after into Manchester By The Sea & Beverly, we passed by some pretty neat houses.   The wooden houses which you see up in this area are so nice – especially the ones with the huge porches.

After lunch we drove by our old house and around the block so Nils could see it and immediately Soren knew where we were.  Again, Maebh says she does, but I’m still not sure how much she remembers.

We then stopped at Obear playground, our local playground, where the kids could play and run around the bases at the baseball field.  We saw a kid we knew who was just finishing baseball practice.  Made me kind of chuckle that Soren would be there had we still lived in the US.  Though Maebh was great at throwing a baseball.

Still not sure if I feel really “homesick” to the North Shore yet.  Parts of me think, oh this is so nice and I wouldn’t mind living here again, but other parts of me knows the reality of moving back to the US now is just not an option.  Perhaps one day….

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