Boston Trip: Tourist Adventures – U.S.S. Constituion & Barking Crab

As the weather was unseasonably warm (close to 80 degrees!) for the one day, we chose to do something outdoors.   As I thought the kids would enjoy a trip on a boat to see the U.S.S Constitution – aka “Old Ironsides”, we opted to head to the city.

This is a photo of it sailing during the July 4th celebrations in Boston Harbor.

So trying to make it a real adventure for the kids, we parked our car at the Wonderland T station which is the end of the line and took the T to Aquarium stop. First we had a quick visit to the seals outside the New England Aquarium before getting a slurpee and goldfish at the 7-11.

Then we took the commuter water shuttle from Long Wharf to Charlestown Navy Yard.  Once there, we walked over to the U.S.S Constitution only to find out it was CLOSED on Mondays!  Grr…

So annoying as I looked on their site and swear it said open every day from 10-6 … turns out it says Tuesday – Sunday and I just overlooked it.  Why would they not write “CLOSED MONDAY” right on the section where the hours are on their site.  We were not the only ones turned away.

From the boat, you get such a nice view of the city including Nils’ old apartment at Lincoln Wharf.  [the arch windown on the red colored buliding.]

 We did, however, go inside the U.S.S Constitution Museum to learn about the ships history and what life was like for those who were aboard her. 

Afterwards we took a trip back on the water shuttle back to Long Wharf, where we then walked over to the Barking Crab for lunch.  At the Barking Crab, we took a seat in the far corner nearest the street where we overlooked the street.  As we are expecting a big storm on Tuesday, there was a lot of wind and the plastic flap of the door nearest our table was blowing hard but not enough to hit us. We were sitting there waiting for our food, the kids were coloring when suddenly a huge gust of wind blows open the plastic which hits a latter leaning against the wall.  Suddenly the ladder flies over and lands on top of Soren! His head was between the rungs and it landed hard on this shoulders and hit the left side of his head.   Screaming crying, it was dead silent in the place and he was so scared.  The poor guy has no luck – always getting injured.  As he already has a broken arm, my dad told the lady to call 911 and have him checked over by a paramedic. 

So within about 5 minutes, we hear sirens from the ambulance and Soren and I go over to the other part of the restaurant where it was closed so they could check him over.  We all agreed, he probably will have bruised shoulder but he didn’t need to go by ambulance to the ER.  The lady then gives us our lunch FREE and both kids get a souvenier t-shirt.  The manager wrote out an accident/incident report but you know that she was afraid of a lawsuit.  He seemed find but just shook up – poor kid!

When we left, we took the “new” Silver Line.  My parents, both who work for the T, wanted to check it out as it’s part electric with rails overhead and then switches to diesil fuel.  In looking over the map, we read it that the line would take us to the airport, where we could pick up the blue line at the T stop there and head back to our car.  But as we went around, we realized rather quickly that it didn’t stop at the T station at all and we were back into the city where we started.  So instead we took Red Line at South Station one stop, then took the Orange line at Downtown Crossing one stop to State Street, where we then took the blue line to the end of the line.   

It was a big adventure for all.

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