Franklin Park Zoo: Boston, MA

As I picked up Museum pass tickets for either of the Zoo New England Zoos, the kids and I decided to visit the Stone Zoo today.  But a friend told us it was under construction, we headed to Franklin Park Zoo instead.  While it is just a little further away, it is the larger and better of the two zoos – in my opinion having been going to both since I was their age.

In order to get to the Zoo from Winthrop, you have to take the highway underground through the infamous Ted William’s Tunnel – which is was part of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project – aka – The Big Dig.  Adding a serious of tunnels underneath Boston which took way too many years and cost $22 BILLION DOLLARS – the most expensive highway project in the ENTER US.  Complete with loads of corruption and chaos included – just click on the link above to see what a mess it really was.  In each tunnel, Maebh kept saying I love this… and Soren chimed in that it was so cool and a bit like Norwich.  Laughing aloud it was nothing like Norwich more like London – especially during rush hour when it is at a standstill or barely moving.  I do not miss that part at all.

Anyway, when we got to the Franklin Park Zoo, the kids were excited to start off and explore.  Hard to tell which kid’s face is in the hole – they look a lot alike here.

My two “budgies” got a kick out of the fact that (when open) you can feed the budgies.

When I was young, we got to visit this zoo often too and so much of it remains the same.  This same condor bird has been inside this aviary since I was a kid.  I sort of feel bad for the big bird, what a boring, uneventful life.

The part I liked the best was the Gorilla area but at the same time I hated it as I felt that they were trapped and so unhappy looking.  The big one which I think is called “Little Tom” was a bit aggressive towards the window when a man was standing there. I think it was a territorial thing as the female gorilla was near the window when he banged it hard.  Plus just looking at their faces, you can’t help to wonder what they are thinking.

When we walked by the lion, he was sleeping but later in the day when we returned he was awake making loud hooting noises and then turned around and fell back asleep.


One of the new parts of the zoo is the gigantic playgrounds.  Soren has to be cautious so he could only do so much climbing but they had fun.









Soren and Maebh tried to jump as a far a Kangaroo.  Soren was convinced he was able to jump 10 feet!



$10.20 later, we left with three ice creams!


And a few minutes in “the farm” area.


Lonely zeebra as the giraffes couldn’t come out until it was 70 degrees and it was only in the 60’s!


Fun day for the kids at the zoo – and as expected out cold on the way home.


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