Winthrop, MA: Visiting the Point Shirley & Planes Above

The kids and I took a drive around Winthrop to view our old house down on Point Shirley.  A few more cars on the corner, but not much else has changed.  When Nils is in town, we’ll have to stop over and say hi to Dan and the kids.  We stopped in the playground to see the planes coming overhead.  As Bayside on Point Shirley looks over Logan Airport and Boston skyline behind, it’s a great viewpoint to see the planes.  We’ll walk around Deer Island soon too.  Part of the fun of this time was the planes were flying overhead as they approached the runway on Logan.

The playground is in such a horrible state – I was shocked at how bad it was.  Four years ago it was starting to have broken things, but now it’s just completely ruined. They’d be better off removing all the structures than to leave it as is as it’s really just an accident waiting to happen.  The only thing they could go on was the red tire swing.

If I lived here, I’d be on a mission to do fundraisers to repair it.  I think I saw a sign in the town center with a thermometer reflecting how much money they have raised so far to improve the neighborhood parks.  This one should be top of the list – especially how the field is the main area for the July 4th Horrible’s Parade.

And some high lights of our first couple days in Boston.  The kids saw a Boston Fire Department truck outside Stop & Shop so they had a photo with the truck.


And Maebh had Pez for the first time .


Have a lot of fun with my parents cat, Jack Jack . So much so they want one back in England.

Our rental car for a few days… brand new Nissan Altima, which rides GREAT!

We visited a brand new Savers – the super thrift store where the kids got some :”new toys”.

My mother won $1,000 on a scratch ticket.

me and my mini me!

and Soren with Nils

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