DIY: Easter Bonnet Competition

  • The kids have a DIY Easter Bonnet hat competition and parade at school along with an Egg Hunt.  Each class will have a “winner” who gets a chocolate egg and an overall winner who gets a teddy bear or something like that.

So late last week, Maebh and I put together her hat.  It’s really just a funny bunny face.  All the items on her hat were from our craft closet so we didn’t spend any money whatsoever.  Even those funny lashes were part of a craft bag I picked up at one of the local sewing shops last year for like .20 p. Until now we’ve had no use but they’re perfect lashes, glued under her googly eyes.

Here’s her completed Easter Bonnet and a beautiful card, which she worked on for a long time today..

Tomorrow, Soren and I will make his bonnet. He told me he wanted one like Maebh’s only a boy one. Hummm… I did find two plastic ducks and a collection of plastic Easter Eggs in the boxes taken out by the Toy Fairy.  Not sure what we can do with them, but I think they should be used on his hat.

And here is Soren wearing his hat!

Clearly their hats, while cute, had too much “Mum help” so they didn’t win prizes in their class groups – but they had fun and enjoyed making them with me.

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