Family Bingo at the Kids’ School

Last night we attended Bingo at Soren’s school again and were once again, LUCKY!  Last year, we attended with only Soren and had a lot of luck and this year, Maebh attended too.

As I’m now the Treasurer on the “Friends” PTA group,  I had to set up and work at it, but it was still fun and I got to play bingo too.  Nils and I both bought a booklet of 6 chances each on the 8 games and then Maebh and Soren both played one book on the 8 games.    This year was great, we had so many more people attend than we expected.  We had to get more tables into the hall.

As we had to set up and then bring Maebh to ballet before returning to Bingo, Nils picked up a pizza for him and the kids to eat.

Soren basically knew how to play and had some help from a friend’s older sister who sat next to him. Maebh on the other hand needed some help but was amazing with her numbers.  In most cases she knew which number was what but did have some transposing confusion – number 71 was called, she’d point at 17.  It was a lot of work for her brain! 🙂  But the funniest part was that Maebh won the first game of bingo!

So up she went and picked up a prize – which I helped her.  A giant, colorful swirly lollipop.  Then a couple games later, Nils won – so he sent up Soren who picked up a giant, squishy lollipop.  A couple other people won and sure enough, I won – but I didn’t yell bingo as I wanted other families a chance.  Then Nils again – so this time he gave his ticket to a girl at our table (the one who was helping Soren) so she went up and picked up a prize.  And yes, again we won – so Nils gave his ticket to a family at a neighboring table – as it was starting to get a little embarrassing.

Soren had a treat of some Sprite which he brought his Dropkick Murphys drink Koozie.

When it came to the raffles, sure enough we won something.  I’m telling you, our family should play the lottery more!

I will be tallying up the money earned, when I return from my haircut, but I’m thinking it was more successful than last year and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

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