The Hunt For "Storm Horse"

Soren took part in the Mini Sports morning offered at the Cromer Sports Centre, the same place where we had Soren’s 6th sports & games birthday party.  While he was there, Maebh and I popped into Cromer and she had a Crab Cookie at Huckleberries. 

We got back in time to watch him play a few games – but wanted to give him some space too.  He loved it and when he got out in the final dodge ball and it was time to go, he broke into full tears that he didn’t want to go home.   During the school half term breaks, they offer a full day of sports and activities for kids 7-11 … too bad that only the one morning was for his age group. After lunch, we headed over to Overstrand Beach for a walk the beach and let the kids play at the playground.

We set off to find “Storm Horse”. the wooden horse which was the buzz in the area. The local newspaper said it was in Overstrand, but after walking around a bit we didn’t see it so decided to head towards Cromer.   As always the beaches here in North Norfolk, at low tide, are so spacious and the big open skies make it feel like we are alone, even though there were others on the beach.


We stopped to ask a couple people if they saw “the horse” which their reply was that they were not from around here or no.  So after walking for quite a while, we chose to turn around and go the other direction once back in Overstrand – but no luck.  On the way back, the kids found things like shells and large pieces of debris from the beach huts.  Thankfully after a bit of carrying heavy pieces of wood, Soren chose to leave it behind.  I did however, get some drift wood pieces to dry out and do something with.  Here they are in the shape of a Christmas tree, but there is so much you can do with them.  I’ll just start collecting more pieces.

The kids were done walking and settled for some play time in the playground. 

The next day, I read on Overstrand Life Blog, it was in Sidestrand!! The opposite direction from Cromer! And today the local paper wrote they found the maker, who prefers to be unnamed a bit like Banksy the street graffiti artiest  It went on to say that it was a spontaneous thing – which took a couple hours with a hammer, nails and a saw.  The body was skeleton of a brightly-colored planks from former beach hut.  A tree branch head was adorned with a mane of twigs and rope bridle, while frayed nylon fabric made a swishing tail.  A breadbasket saddle and tarpaulin cloth underneath are finished with a child’s plastic beach spade as a stirrup.

As you’ll see in the photos, the finished animal looked like a cross between a mini wooden Trojan horse and one of the puppets from the War Horse stage show.  Either way, it was neat and we’re bummed we didn’t see it in person, but happy you can find photos on the Internet – just wish they were mine!  

Much like the whale on the beach – the minute we heard about it or read about it in the papers, we should have done then to view it.   Not sure if it blew away or some sore sport broke it down, but it’s no longer standing and these are the remains.

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