Winter walk around the National Trust: Blickling Estate, Alysham, Norfolk

On Sunday, our 12th wedding anniversary, we spent a couple hours walking around the lake at Blickling Estate.

Last time we walked Blickling Estate, we did the Mausoleum Walk – hard to believe it was back in October, seemed like just yesterday.  As I’ve said before, there are some spectacular trees on the National Trust properties… so of course, I took photos of many of them.

And neat tree stumps for climbing.

The walk around the like was nice… the kids had some fun running ahead to look at the brass rubbings and made fun of some of the fishermen who just sit in tents all day long, alone waiting for a bite.  I don’t mind fishing, providing there is some talk, sunshine, and fish to catch – this way is BORING!

We started off walking around the lake and as we were approaching the house, we didn’t see a way to get across to the house gardens until much later in our walk, we learned you walk the perimeter.  It makes sense when you think about it (paying admission or membership).  What we didn’t want was to have to walk back the entire distance.  Now we know!

We walked by the orangery which I love!

Before it got dark, the kids were able to have about a half hour of play in the orchard playground…

and the bubbles I packed came in handy.

On the way out, we had a pint for the road at the Buck Arms … there Soren & Maebh made themselves home among the toys in the snug.

While this place is nice in all seasons, when we had a visit to the house and garden in full bloom it was especially great!

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