Soren’s 6th Birthday Party: Sports & Games

Soren’s 6th birthday was a “Sports & Games” themed party – so I made invitations like an event ticket. I used a photo from the British Soccer Camp in Beverly, before we coincidentally moved to the UK.

The birthday boy, with a fresh hair cut, wore his Dutch National Team Sneijder jersey!   The invite said to wear your favorite jersey, so he was psyched when Noah arrived also in a Dutch National Team shirt and Louie in a full Norwich City outfit.

Each child had a water bottle with their names on it for when they took a water break.

When we arrived, the two leaders Frezzy and John immediately took the kids into groups and played organized sports & games with them for an hour.   It was great to watch  – different kids, participate at all levels – some better and more sporty than others.  Some listen and comprehend better than others.  Of course, the younger ones didn’t fully understand some parts – but then again it was for a 6 year old, who loved it!

Such a sweet boy, moved out of his spot in line to sit next to his sister.

Maebh started off great but a small crash and she was done for the day.  She preferred to be with me or Nils not in the center of the games.

With a giant parachute, they played cat and mouse.  The cat would be on top and mouse under.  While the others were flopping it around the cat tried to tag the mouse.  Soren hurt his cheek with a boys head, but was okay after a couple minutes.  Though some of the younger ones kept on top for obvious reasons.

When they were done playing sports, we walked across to the canteen area where we had access to three tables.  The kids had some small fruit/veg snacks and then decorated their own cupcakes – which appeared to be a big hit.   Some just dumped all the sugar on and others spent 10 minutes decorating it before eating it.

Earlier in the day, the kids & I baked both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and the children put their frosting of choice (also chocolate or vanilla) and different types of sprinkles and candy.  And the little jars I made before with the colored sugar crystals, were also a big hit.

At the end of every party, you normally get a plastic bag filled with tons of candy and toys which end up broken and then in a landfill. Much like the junk in the kinder eggs.  Anyway, I always try to do something that is useful which goes along with the theme – so I did the plastic water bottles with the kids’ names on them.   I also picked up some football whistles, punching balloons and soccer balls chocolates as they headed out.

Soren said he had an awesome party and I think the other kids did too.

During the Assembly on Friday, Soren along with two other kids, were sung the school’s Happy Birthday song.  So cute, he loved it and was so excited.  They wait all year for “their turn”.

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