Dublin, Ireland: Exploration & Fact Finding Trip – Day Three

Day three was a bit of a flop day and with rainy weather outside.   I proposed that we do something indoors like the Natural History Museum or the Chidlren’s Museum but Soren really wanted to go on the Sightseeing Hop On & Hop Off bus and convinced Maebh to join him in the push.

After spending a full, cold day at the Dublin Zoo the day before, along with a tired, somewhat sick Soren, I gave in and we headed out to catch the bus, which would pick up at our hotel at 10:37 am. But the trouble was that we were ready, out of the hotel room and eating bagels in the Bagel Cafe at 8 am!

Despite all my efforts to convince the museum is fun, we headed down to soggy O’Connell Street to pick up our bus, sigh.  We set off on the “original route” aka purple route first.

The kids really wanted to be in the front row seat up stairs in the covered section, we had to settle on row 3.
At each of the stops, the kids kept asking when were the people at the front going to get off the bus.  My reply was something along these lines – no one in their right mind was going to get off the bus in the rain – lol!  Well, right before stop 7, Maebh announces that she had to pee badly, right then and there and couldn’t hold it.  So quickly we hopped off the bus in the rain and looked for a place to use the toilet.  We visited the amazing shop, Avoca – my new favorite place!  We picked up a hazelnut brownie to eat later on and got out of there, before I bought the store.

After our break, we headed off on the bus for the rest of the tour and stayed on until the end and back at stop #1 – O’Connell Street. There the kids chose to have McDonalds for lunch!  Yes, you read that correctly!  They have never been to McDonalds in the UK and now they had it for lunch.  Thankfully they didn’t eat all their “happy meals” which had pretty decent toys.After McDonalds, we headed over to a souvenir shop where Soren bought a postcard of the Ha’Penny Bridge and then off to the famous Post Office to send it to his teacher who gave him the ‘assignment’.

We then headed back to bus stop #1 to pick up the Docklands Tour – aka – pink tour and did the entire route with the kids in the front!  When we returned back to O’Connell Street, we had a brief stop in Pennys (Primark) to buy a cabin sized suitcase and back to the bus for a ride back to our hotel.  At this point, we were the only ones on the bus, so they were at the front having a ball – though I was afraid they’d fall out of their seats with the turns.
Thankfully we made it back to the hotel safe and sound and they even drank some rain water.

After some rest at the hotel, Nils met us for dinner that night.  Thinking it was Friday in Dublin, probably best to head out earlier so we can actually get in someplace good.  Plus there are rules for no children in pubs after a certain time.   We ended up at the Trinity Hotel pub which was perfect.  We sat in a dark corner, listening to a bunch of live Irish musicians while we ate our meal which for me was complete with frozen Margaritas!   It was dry so we took a good walk home, taking a few photos of the city.

We even saw a fox – yes a fox, ran across the street from Tara Station!  And Soren pointed it out so I’m sure it was not my margaritas.   Wonder what G&T will thing about this “spirit in my photo” ?:)

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