New Years Eve & Wishes for Snow

As Boston is celebrating First Night & preparing for an upcoming Nor’ Easter, we’re enjoying a quiet evening in here in North Norfolk.   Though Nils for some crazy reason, appeared with some fireworks and sparklers for the kids.   I’ll take some photos and share them later, but for the record, I’d never have purchased them.  I’m afraid of injury and driving the neighborhood mad with noise, though Nils suggest we light off early with the kids.

Just yesterday the kids were asking if we were going to get a snow storm soon.  I’d like to say yes, but prefer to it either come asap like this weekend or until after Nils’ big event in Dublin towards the end of the January.
I was looking at older photos from the kids during our past 18 months here in the UK and then viewed some from our lives in the States.  Some from their old birthday parties, farm visits, trips to weekends in the White Mountains and then I came across some from Beverly.  These were taken during the blizzard of January 11, 2011.  They made me smile – I couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic and a bit home sick.

Neighborhood kids snubbed poor little Soren who waved with such excitement.
View from front porch.
Back deck – BBQ covered and Nils’ beer in the snow.
Our neighbor’s beautiful home.
Soren and Nils in our driveway!
View of yard from back deck.

Another part of why I may feel home sick was because today another family I know, from Boston who lives in London, is returning back to the states after being in the UK for three years.

Then again, while we have friends and family to return to, we no longer have a place to live, stuff, etc. so that makes the desire to return asap not as strong.  I’m sure one day we’ll return.

I’ll have to come up with a resolution and a list of some things I’d like to do, change, see, try, etc in 2014 and reflect back on 2013 – but I’ll do that another time.

The kids had fun holding the sparklers which Nils brought home.  Maebh was nervous at first, but warmed up to them after a bit.  Soren was a pro – and wanted more & more.

At midnight, Nils chose to light off the snakes firework reel which he bought – though Soren and I suggested we skip it and do it in on the beach some day – like at a beach bbq in the summer. LOL

chance, he insisted he was doing it and off he went into the garden. Once the larger booms started, I was so embarrassed, I ran in the house.

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