Christmas Day 2013

Christmas this year was very quite and the kids loved every second of it.  With their elves, Asteriod & Pixie gone, they didn’t run around like normally looking for them.  In fact, Maebh slept in (totally not normal, as it’s Soren who normally needs waking up).  Soren was down bright and early sitting in front of the tree looking at each label – all for the kids!  Actually, one for each Nils & I from the elves!

While Nils was getting his coffee, both kids quiet sat down next to each other – so sweet had to click.

The first present they opened was the joint present given to them by their elves – 🙂  A M&M piggy bank.  When you put in a coin, you turn the dial and get a peanut M&M.  Sounded like a cute way to have them share and save their coins, which they collect for getting dressed, etc.  only problem is that Soren turned the dial and out came an M&M – so it doesn’t work the way I hoped.  As a kid, a friend had one and it was solid metal with a glass top – now just cheapo plastic crap from China.

Maebh’s kitchen was a big hit for both kids, as I knew it would.  I can’t wait to paint it and jazz it up as it’s a bit plain.  Soren says he wants it painted light green & dark green and Maebh pink – so they agreed a combo of pink and green.

bid on some wooden eggs on Ebay and didn’t do much looking and sure enough they are from CHINA of all places.  And the best part is the box – EGG!

Aside from her kitchen and some small bits, she got two dolls, which she loved.  One a baby who “wees” after drinking water and the other was a larger doll, which resembles her named Molly.  When she gets older, perhaps I’ll get her an American Girl doll, but that is a big deal with lots of stuff involved so that is for when she is much older – like 8.

We picked up this cute radio controlled car in a can from the Hema when we were in Holland.  It’s so cute and I regret not getting a few of them.   Though when he opened it he yelled a beer!

Soren’s bigger present was a remote control car which is pretty cool.  You can ride it in all kinds of terrane like rocks, sand, gravel, puddles.  We agreed to take it out on the beach later.

We found Maebh with Molly on the couch where she put her headphones on head and sat next to her.  I knew she’d love her – so much, she took her in the car today.

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