24 Days of Mischievous Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

So I was a little nervous this morning on how they kids would react to Asterioid and Pixie.  Thankfully, the two of them ran down stairs (together) excited to see where they were.  This posting will include all 24 days of their fun & mischief.   When possible, I will try to incorporate what the kids were doing that day, as I think it will be more fun this way.
For those who have never heard of it, click here.

Day 1: They were sitting on the table where they wrote “Hi” in the money found in their joint piggy bank.  I now only wish I put in some special “Santa coin or Elf Money”.

Day 2: The kids are going to find this one funny!  Both Elves took a role down the stairs.  I was more concerned with Nils stepping on one of their heads when he came up to bed last night.

Day 3: I know the kids are going to LOVE this one!  These army guys are “new” (and the kids don’t know they are theirs yet!)  I picked the entire set of them for £1.49 at the Salvation Army Charity Shop!

Day 4: I’m cracking myself up with the next one.  As I cleaned off the giant chalkboard wall, I thought I’d try and incorporate Android & Pixie on it for tonight’s mischief.   I originally had them on a table but when I saw the fire truck with the large ladder in the corner, I knew it would be perfect.

I’m going to do something with a map & Santa the day before Christmas showing his route from North Pole to Norfolk, with a stop in Boston, of course.  But for now I thought I’d get them thinking about their, “Wish Lists”.  I know that Soren wants a remote control car & Maebh a play kitchen, but it gives me some ideas.

Day 5: As I was putting out the kids cereal bowls, I thought it would be funny to have it seem like Asteroid & Pixie set it up for them.   Just can’t decide which way I like it the most … one head out or two?

Day 6: Rub a dub dub, two elves in one tub.  But then I thought Mr. Big Duck looks lonely so he joined in. When the kids came down to see them, I was still in bed.  So when they came back to report what the elves had done – Soren (in a very British accent) told me, “Asteroid & Pixie were playing with the duck in a big pan of cotton wool! You know the pan you made the turkey pie in?”

Day 7: 
Today after school, the kids were doing some crafts including glitter and snowflakes.  As expected, the glitter is EVERYWHERE and paper snowflakes are dangerous, but they loved it.  We had so many more “crafty days” back in Boston.   I hope to get more kid crafts going this winter.
So, it is  only fitting that Asteroid & Pixie wanted to have a “go” too.

Day 8:  
We put the trip up tonight, so it made sense that the elves would jump onto the tree.  But as they are pretty light, they fell out so they ended up at the top.  They are so going to something funny with the tree and the laundry later in the week.

Day 8:  Rocking Horse
So of course, Asteroid & Pixie had a ride on the horse, and they brought along Herbert the Penguin too.

Day 9:
 Playing a game of Memory with the tiny cards, I brought home today from a Christmas Cracker.  These, along with a small pile of cheapo plastic crapola toys, will end up in the trash can in the next day or so.  Soren & Maebh both love this game and Soren is so good at it.  He always wins!

Day 10:
  Today was the school’s Christingle at the Gresham Church.  While it was mainly for KS2, the little ones had the option to walk down with a candle.   Maebh actually didn’t want to do it, which I was totally surprised, as she loves to be up on the stage.  I think she was just so tired.

Anyway, I was originally going to cut open the orange and pretend they ate it, but then I thought he may become upset, and I do not want to ruin their my fun!

Day 11:  Soren & I put together a Gingerbread house for the Christmas Fayre Gingerbread Competition at the school. [I’ll make that a separate post.] Asteroid & Pixie got into the candy too and had some!

Day 12:  The kids have been receiving Christmas Cards at school from their friends and have some here which they’ll fill in this weekend, as I’m working and it’s something for them to do.  So this morning, they awoke to Asteriod and Pixie hanging upside down with the cards.

Day 13:
  The kids bought some homemade play dough from the school’s Christmas Fayre. A friend said that I put in a lot of effort to these elves, but really it took two minutes.  Rolling out dough, cutting it up with cutters.  Leaving it on the table and putting the rolling pin behind them is not complex and the kids enjoy it!

Day 14:  Last night, I went to bed late and didn’t do anything with Asteroid & Pixie.  I thought when I wake up early, I’ll do something with them.  But that didn’t work so well, as I didn’t wake up first like normal.  So both kids were standing in front of me asking me if they could go down stairs.  So quickly, I ran down and popped them in bed with Nils [his idea], as he is still sleeping downstairs due to the paint smell upstairs.

When they came downstairs, immediately they were on a hunt for the elves – and when they finally found them in bed with Nils, they were cracking up laughing.

Day 16: The kids brought home their two Christmas stockings from Beppe’s house yesterday, so tonight’s adventure was simple.. inside they go, done!  Yes, Maebh’s named is spelled incorrectly, it was a mistake made last year when it was ordered.

Day 17: The kids came down today to find Asteroid & Pixie had opened and drank the last smoothie from the fridge.  I had them pose with my beer first, but I think it’s not so funny for kids only 3 & 5.

Day 18:
 A quick wrap of the tree and I’m off to bed.

Day 19: The kids awoke to find a photo shoot in progress.  Asteroid was taking photos of Pixie hugging “Aleksandr Orlov” the Comparethemarket.com meerkat.  At least someone enjoys him!

Day 20:  Sitting on eggs in the basket trying to hatch them.  The kids will get a chuckle…

Day 21:  Asteroid & Pixie got a hold the kids’ train sets and spelled out their names.

Day 22:  We picked up the kids some small planes at the Norwich Aviation Museum trip yesterday. On the way home, Maebh said the silly elves might play with the planes tonight.  She was right!

Day 23:  Poor Soren is sick – just in time for Christmas!  As he had a high fever, sore throat and cough, we stay home today and let him rest.  I’m sure Maebh will be sick tomorrow followed by Nils & I on Christmas.  Anyway, keeping with my plan to include something from the day, Asteroid & Pixie have to be sick too.  So no mischief for them tonight…

Day 24:  As Soren was still ill today, we skipped making cookies.  Hopefully he’ll be better tomorrow and Maebh will not be sick, so we can get Santa’s cookies done!

Their goodbye letter. I’ll take some photos later on when the kids actually hold Asteroid & Pixie.

Part of the big “finale”, the kids came downstairs this afternoon to find that Asteroid & Pixie sent them a message.  I recorded their reaction – which I found it so cute.  Part of the fun was that they were allowed to touch, hold and take Asteroid & Pixie outside of the house!
The kids were able to have a final cuddle, goofy play with Asteroid & Pixie when we read, “Little Red Riding Hood” a gift from Father Christmas at school.   Than that it is, they are gone, back to the North Pole with Santa tonight.  AKA boxed and far in the back of our hall closet hopefully never to be found by little hands.

I’m pretty that are a year or two of doing this, Ill be done with these elves and they’ll be on their way to another family! 🙂


One thought on “24 Days of Mischievous Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

  1. I was so waiting to hear them speak on the video because I wanted to hear their accents. It was all of a sudden at the end when they said about the elves being “plastic”. LOL So cute! They are so adorable & I miss you all so! It was nice to hear all of your voices. 🙂


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