City of Norwich Aviation Museum Visit

We stopped at the City of Norwich Aviation Museum on the way to Norwich.  The museum is located on the site of the former RAF Horsham St. Faith airbase (which is now Norwich International Airport).

We didn’t know what to expect, but it was a nice visit though it was quite windy and chilly outside. Our  My first question to the volunteer at the desk was “Can we go inside the planes?”  I don’t recall his reply but was probably something like “Ah no you can’t!”  he he   So we gladly paid the “reduced” winter rate of £8.00 for our family visit.

[Speaking for myself] I’m not an aviation enthusiasts nor do I know much about the various units, planes, squadrons, airbases, etc, but learned that RAF Horhsam St. Faith and many of the local bases here in North Norfolk, played an active role during the Second World War operating various types from Blenheims and Spitfires to Mustangs.  It was also home to the US Air Force during the war with B24 Liberators and P47 Thunderbolts.  While it has been closed since the early-60’s.

Inside there were tons of exhibitions and various aviation equipment, including special top secret RAF 100 Group and the history of electronic warfare.  Outside there was a dozen or so civil and military aircraft, some of which were gigantic.  I don’t know all their names, details, etc, but all those can be found online at the Aviation Museum Site.

23 bases were here in small, rural North Norfolk!

Soren pointed out that this plane matches his sketchers.

Red helicopter landing at Norwich airport – these take the workers to the offshore stations.







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