DIY: Map Tile Coasters – GREAT Christmas Gifts

A month ago, I was planning on making a few teachers & friends some cookie mix in mason jars, but after much thought, I opted do something a little more creative.

I made homemade tile map coasters instead.  I was on a mad dash to find maps of Norfolk, but they are not easy to come by… unless I wanted to buy maps at 7 pounds a piece, which I didn’t.  So for one teacher, who I know visits London a bit will get ones from London.  Another the London tube… and again, while I’d like to give everyone here coasters from North Norfolk, it’s not going to happen on my budget.

I tried smooth wall tiles at first, but I like these travertine ones better as they are more rustic, though more expensive.  After several coats of Mod Podge and sealer, I think they are very water proof and with stand a hot coffee [or at least that was the intent].

I made myself a set – I love them!  What do you think?

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