Christmas Fayre

Hard to believe a year ago, we were at the school’s Christmas Fayre.  It was then when we won Piglet – hard not to forget! 🙂

Also, it was where we learned of the British love of Tombola tables and now my love. I know there is a whole lot of junk, but the thrill of the gamble I like.  Plus there was not a shortage of them then – bottles, chocolate and regular all which were there this year.

Fast forward a year, I am now “organizing & working” the Tombola table which was a lot of fun. I decided to set it up all three tables so that the items are in ascending order.  I don’t have OCD, though it may have appeared that way to some.  It really made a world of difference when you have 20 people pulling 5 tickets out and if they end if “0” or “9” they win… why not make finding the item easy too!

It’s no surprise I like to gamble a bit and find raffles fun and we win the school ones a lot.  For 1.00 you get 5 tickets, so why not put in 5.00 and have 25 chances of winning.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but we are quite lucky.   So sure enough we won FIVE times!  Each time our name was drawn, it was a bit funny as you heard “Soren and Maebh again“.  (At Bingo, we were giving away our prizes as we felt bad we kept winning!)  Why can’t I win the big LOTTO!  I once won $1,000. right after I found out I was pregnant with Soren.

So we brought home from the Raffle

  • A family swim pass to Splash
  • A Meercat
  • A Holt Rugby Ball
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Sunkid Bear from Germany

From the Tombola

  • A set of hat & gloves for Maebh
  • A Boden scarf for me
  • Set of photo frames
  • Country farm photo frame (which I will re-paint)
  • Christmas Card Clip Hanger.

At the Fayre, Soren & Maebh had a visit with Father Christmas and each got a story book.  But when we got on stage, Maebh grabbed my hand and frightfully said she no, mommy.  So I kept her behind me and Soren did the talking for her.  As we walked away, she told me that she was brave!

They played some games organized and ran by the kids in year 5 & 6.

There was a Gingerbread Creation competition, which we entered our house in.

Our house.
Entry #4\

There were 9 entries in the competition and we came in first place!  However, it was a joint first place with the organizer.  The funniest part is that when Maebh & Soren went to vote, they were told they cannot vote for their own entry, so they put their tickets in jar #4 & 6.  Number four being the person who joined me for first place.  Oh well, it was fun.  We have it sitting here at home and the kids ask daily when can they eat it.

We would have won the Guess The Weight of The Cake if Nils didn’t forget Ounces vs Pounds.  Ha ha. He messed up when he wrote 6 ounces instead of 6 pounds.

and finally the best prize for me was that we were the highest bidder at 20.00 in the silent auction for the Cromer Pier Christmas Show prize.   We had to put up a new sign at the last minute, as the the storm did some damage and we were not sure.

The entire Christmas Fayre was a big success and we made a record profit of 920.00!

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