DIY/HOme Renovations: Maebh’s Bedroom – Part 3

I recently posted about Maebh’s room transition – from ugly black leather to a more suitable design for a 3 year old.

The walls have been primed then painted a nice shade of Tiffany blue and now I’m onto the bed.  Nils helped me set it up today, as he’s headed to Manchester & Dublin tomorrow, I’ll be able to get it primed and ready to become while on Monday & Tuesday.  While I have to work on Monday, I’m thinking I can get my money done in time to pick up Maebh, otherwise, she’ll have to come with me back to Sheringham Park for a bit.

Maebh thinks her bed is pretty cool – but just wait until it’s white!

I’ve done a first coat of Zinnser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer..

a second coat of primer…

and tomorrow after the Nativity Dress Rehearsal, I’ll paint it. Tonight I added a single coat of paint.  I am very happy with the choice of white, glossy paint.  I think it brings out the little details like the lines, which what I liked best of the bed in the first place.

I’m sure if I looked super close I can find some little tiny things that I’d like to sand and repaint, but I’m also done with it, so for now it’s perfect as is so I’m considering the bed DONE!

Final Bed & Final Dresser.

Today I tacked up an extra fairy light set we had for the Christmas tree.  It’s really cute but I didn’t spend much time with it so I think it will be better if I wrap them around a wire and then hang it to give it a proper heart shape – then I’ll take a better photo.  I took this one right when M was going to bed!

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