DIY: Maebh’s Room Progress – Part 2

I’m back doing Maebh’s room.  If it were only so easy as the DIY shows who make updating a room in a day so easy. The paint is causing Nils to be dizzy, so I have to push forward and get it done asap. For the past two days, he has slept downstairs on Maebh’s mattress in the living room, to be far away from the paint.

When we first got here that room was the “black” room – complete with a big black wall with silver damask wallpaper.  Clearly not my “style” [not that I have one] or for a three year old girl.

I spent some time peeling it back completely exposing a wall with tons of glue and gunk.  After trying sugar soap, water, vinegar, cleaning products, etc.    With the wall not being the best shape, I thought I’d just
re-wallpaper over it with either a bold pattern or a textured one which you’d then paint over. But after much back and forth, painting it was the way to go.

So our friends came over on Sunday and helped me tremendously by priming the entire room white.

As I had to work Monday and then serve lunch to the volunteer staff at Felbrigg Hall and then I spent nearly all today at the kid’s school getting the Christmas Fayre Tombola tables ready, I only was able to start painting the color after today’s Christingle.

Originally I was going to get the Dulux Light & Space specialty paint in the color Fresh Surf, which is a very light blue color which I loved, but as it is £44.99 per 2.5 litre and they have to mix it, I decided to scrap that idea completely and go with a less expensive paint.

Naturally, I kept changing my mind on what color I’d like to paint the wall.  Maebh wanted pink but I knew that was not a good idea – so I was on the fence with a light lavender but decided to go with blue color which I think will look great, once I have a second coat on.

There are dozens and dozens of lighter turquoise shade options in Homebase and as my head was spinning, so I decided to go with “Azure”.

Here is where it is now, with half room with the first coat of paint.  I’m not sure if it will lighten up, as it’s wet and this photo was from my iphone at night or will it be this color.  Clearly though, I need a ladder as I cannot reach the top! 🙂

There are some rooms on which I really liked for one reason or another so, hopefully her  room color comes out similar.



Off to put the kids to bed & take one more quick photo of the room to see if it’s drying lighter or darker.
Based on the two photos – [dark out with iphone] it seems to be a bit lighter.

Second Coat of paint on the walls.  Looking better, but still needs more work.

Finally done painting the room walls… ugh, such work, but I think it looks great.  I’m actually happier with this color vs. the lighter one I originally wanted.  Now the bed & the dresser.

Nils asked if I could wait until the Spring… but I think if I put down paper and then prime it with BIN 1-2-3 and then a glossy white, I can be done in a few days. Plus with him traveling early next week, I might just get it done then on Monday & Tuesday,

I’m just on a role, I’d rather keep going so I can move on to something else.

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