Gingerbread House Fun

Tonight, Soren & I put together a Gingerbread house for their school Christmas Fayre.   They are having a competition for a “gingerbread” creation, so in the spirit I thought it would be fun to do it with him.  Maebh was asleep and he was very helpful.

We picked up a kit today at Morrison, as I didn’t have any time to bake.   Today was a bit crazy – getting the float for the school ready (three bank trips taking two HOURS!), organizing all three tombolas – chocolate, bottles and regular and putting a second coat of paint on Maebh’s walls.

As you’ll see in the photos, I did most of it.  But he helped sort out the candies, directed me where some things should be placed and had a small taste of many.  I thought we had a lot more small bits of candies for decorating than we actually had but I did get to use up a lot of the Halloween leftovers.  I used to have so many cupcake decorating & other type play dates at our house, I always had tons of bits at the top of the fridge.

After it was done, we thought it needed more “snow” so we added some cotton balls, which he cutely calls cotton wool and cinnamon sticks as a fence. They didn’t say it had to be 100% edible like some contests, but the rest is.   I may remove the cotton balls completely and just use a lot of flour at the last minute.

Then Soren got the idea to take some photos with his light saber in front of the tree.

It was a lot of fun!  I thought I had done one before with him, but as I did this tonight, I’m sure I would have remembered if I did.

A new Christmas tradition for sure!

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