Forest Schools at Sheringham Park

Even though Maebh & Soren’s school has a weekly Forest School – Outdoor learning component built into the annual curriculum, the teachers arranged a full day for the Nursery & Reception kids at Sheringham Park.  I combined working that day at the park so that I could join them right after lunch.

It was organized by the same staff, from the Acorn Toddler group, who did the other events I have blogged about before: Animal Adventure AdventureA Shore ThingMagnificent MothsDon’t Worry Bee Happy, It’s A HootOwl Prowl and a few more.

The morning they had some walks around the park, did some activities.  When I joined them, they went into the learning center to build their own Yule Logs.

After they mixed their own sweet dough in cups.  They rolled their dough into sausage like shapes and put them on the sticks, which they whittled earlier in the session.  We then headed over to the tarp covered circle area where Rob had a fire set up.  Parents were invited to come join the kids at 2 pm for the bonfire portion of the day.

 After some warm cocoa and sweet dough on sticks, a book was read and then we were off.

They all had such a great time and I’m still laughing about how they were all bundled up for a full day outside in the cold, complete with waterproof covers.  Can you imagine a dozen 3 & 4 year old kids going to the toilet a few times during the session? It took about 1/2 hour each time!

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