Christmas Tree Lighting Cromer & Home

Today we took the kids up to Cromer to see the Christmas Light Turn on.  Inside the church as the Tree Festival, where various charities displayed trees with donation pots.   Some were so great, others were just brutally ugly.

Gresham Village School had a tree too – and Maebh proudly showed us her octopus.

My favorite tree was the Nautical tree from the RNLI Ladies Guild (also Maebh’s teacher).  They had these really cute RNLI guys.

Outside they had a fun fair ride so naturally the kids had a ride.  Maebh chose the pink barbie Volkswagen buggy and Soren a motorcycle.

Earlier in the day, we headed out for a Christmas tree today.  First we stopped over at Emcy.  Their Facebook page made them look so much better than they were – no need to return.  We then stopped over at Edgefield Nurseries, where we found our tree!  A stop at Homebase for some lights and a tree stand and we were ready to set it up.

When we got home, the kids helped me decorate the tree.  First we put the lights on – one set of white and then some with pink flowers and some ornaments.  I picked up some silver ones today and already had a small bag of pink ones which I picked up at a charity shop recently.

Overall our tree looks very pink, so Maebh was very pleased.  I’ll have to add some other colors to make it less girly, girl – probably going to go with a lime green to tone down the pink.  However, it’s busy and cute and will only get more busy with some homemade bits from the kids.  I’m hoping to take a walk and pick up some pine cones tomorrow to add onto the tree.

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