Major Storm Hits UK – December 2013

Those of you reading this blog, who do not live locally or in UK, may have heard that there was been major flooding & storm damage around here.  I read online today they were saying that this storm has been the worst tidal surge in 60 years – more damaging than the floods of 1953.  Only during that storm there were many deaths and with this one only two reported!  Improved sea defenses helped so many.

ITV station here shows video of the damage… even the funfair is gone!

These photos are from newspapers in the area. Cromer Pier, one of our family’s favorite spots, has been damaged quite badly!

These photos, also from the local paper show the arcade/funfair on the Cromer promenade and then Sheringham West Beach going towards the Lighthouse Station.

Norfolk police sent an alert to Twitter users saying: “around 9,000 properties being visited by police officers and staff to advise on plans for imminent evacuation.”   Our house is just under 5 miles from the coast, so we’re fine.  We’d be fine if we were still living in the Cromer house [thank God we’re not!].  In fact, I went to see a movie last night in Cromer town center.  After seeing the damage today, I find it really hard to to believe there was such flooding and damage going on just a few streets away.

The North Sea tidal surge and gale-force winds of up to 114 miles per hour (no rain!) did major damage all around.  After the kids went to school this morning, Nils & I took a pop up to Cromer to see what the seaside was like.  All the other photos are from just little old Cromer – so you can imagine all other parts of the country – check here for more photos from a national rag!

Another of the kids favorite spots, the Henry Blogg Museum took a hard hit.

The wooden beach huts going down towards Overstrand, were unreachable so I have no idea their condition. I was told by a couple people, nearly all of them are in the sea, match sticks and gone. While I know the owners of the beach huts had warning of the storm and ‘technically’ had warning to get their stuff out, but it was just sad to see them destroyed and debris scattered all around.

This family thought it would be nice to take a souvenir from the beach hut debris. 
Note the black poles in middle, which will come crumbling down!

After taking some photos, we noticed that the Rocket House Cafe (Henry Blogg Museum under it) was open so we went in for a coffee.  They staff told us that the North Norfolk District Council told them that they have to close up, so we were in just in time.   On the way out, they were clearing out the muck in the lobby.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really love it there.  The food, the staff, their great location and most recent love is their holiday decorations!  They always have nice framed photos of beach scenes but now with Christmas they have some large, drift wood Christmas trees.

They are so cute!  I remember seeing one for sale online, but I forget where.  Perhaps I’ll add it to my craft ideas – and collect bits of driftwood during the year.  I know this storm kicked up some amazing pieces of wood and probably some sea glass.

Speaking of which, I just made this frame from all the shells and sea glass which I’ve collected over the past year in Norfolk, UK.  It really is cute and this photo doesn’t do it justice.  Just now need to find a good photo to put in it.  Probably one of the kids on Cromer Beach.

The entire storm was just horrible!  One that will go down in the record books.  I can’t help but wonder how all the baby seals on Blakeney & Horsey Beach are doing?!

UPDATE: Just when I was about to shut down, I saw these photo from the local newspaper site, of a baby seal and swans on the A149 (the road)!

So with that pup in distress, I looked online to see if I could find any details on the seals at Horsey and sure enough, “263 seals feared dead!”

These photos are taken by the NNDC – who are working on removing all the damaged huts.  They own quite a few which they rent.

Andy Davidson, a local photographer, has a lot of great shots on his blog.

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