Asteroid & Pixie Arrive – Let the fun with our Christmas Elves Begin….

When we are out enjoying our Thanksgiving Dinner today, our two Christmas Elves, Asteroid & Pixie will be arriving!  Can’t wait to see Soren & Maebh’s reaction.   Part of me thinks Maebh is going to afraid of it but once she gets used to them, she’ll be fine.


Below is the introduction letter from Santa.  I’m sticking with whole “Elf On The Shelf” concept but with a little twist for our family.

A local mum started a Facebook group, called Christmas Elves Fun & Frolics, which really helped me get into the whole ‘elf thing’ this year as it’s our first go at it.  There are over 200 other mums in the Norwich area (perhaps even beyond) who post ideas, photos and just great stuff about their elves.   There is even a Christmas Card exchange between the Elves.

In addition to the letter above, Asteroid & Pixie have beds with sleeping bags.  When I was out running errands today, I saw a cute Santa hat and got the idea to cut one in half, re-sew it into two sleeping bags.  So voila – they have beds with sleeping bags.  In the letter #4 says: Each night, your Mum & Dad must tuck them in their special sleeping bags.


They’ll each receive an advent calendar, chocolate Santa and the “official” Elf On The Shelf book.  I picked up some chocolate balls today, so occasionally they’ll incorporate those into their mischief and the kids can eat one each on the way to school!


When we got home from the Wilson’s – around 11 pm, the kids were exhausted.  They came home to find their elves ready for them… Maebh didn’t really react but it was Soren who said – they are fake plastic and that box is the pencil case at my school!  Not the reaction I wanted – thankfully they both napped for 2 hours earlier, otherwise, it would have been even worse.

In order for them to really like this, they have to really do some fun stuff to wow them.

Thankfully, one Pinterest search for “Elf on the Shelf” ideas, you get hundreds upon hundreds!


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