Whale Watching in Cromer, UK

On Friday afternoon, a 25-foot Minke whale was found washed up on Cromer’s East Beach, not too far down from The Rocket Cafe.

Some specialists from the Sea Watch Foundation said they believe it was a young adult female and had been dead for one or two weeks.  While there has been porpoises washed up on that beach and about 20 years ago there was a dead basking shark on Sheringham Beach, a minke is a rare sight.  They speculated that the cause of death could possibly be ship strike because the whale’s upper jaw had a clean cut, but as it didn’t die on land, they would not investigate further.

These are a few photos and a video I found on the internet.




We took a trip over to the beach to see if we can see it too. But turns out that the NNDC took it away last night!

Even though we didn’t see the whale, the kids had fun on the beach, throwing rocks into the ocean and then running back.  Soren came so close many times and one time, he leg got wet.    Plus with a promise of a hot chocolate at the Red Lion, they had no troubles walking down.



I found a white rock with a perfectly round hole in it, which would be fun on the Christmas Tree.   Soren and I had a little fun with it while we walked towards Maebh & Nils who were farther ahead.




Speaking of whales, there has been a continued sighting of a humpback whale in the distance near Sea Paling and some fisherman have reported to see three of them.  Being from New England, I’ve been on many whale watch sightseeing trips.  In fact, the weeks before we moved from the US to UK, Soren, Nils & I went out on a Sunset Whale Watch from Newburyport.

Update:  Today, Monday, November 26th, another Minke whale was found dead.  It was in nearby Sea Palling Beach, which is about 1/2 south of Cromer.  That whale was a healthy, well-fed female and appears to have been stuck behind the reefs and couldn’t get back.  The same expert came to take a look and this time, they’ll do some tests.  Sad!

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