Holland Visit: Oma Cora & Luc in Vlissingen & Jana & Philip’s family in Voorburg, Den Haag

On Sunday, we traveled from Amsterdam to Vlissingen to visit Nils’ mother, Oma Cora, and her husband Luc.  We shared a delicious appel taart (made by Lise!), then had homemade chicken soup and sandwiches.

The skies were odd this day.  One minute it was raining, then came hail and then on the drive home, a rainbow!

Both recently had some health troubles, so it was great to visit them.  We have not seen them since September 2011, when they met us in Scotland for a visit!  At that time, Maebh was only 15 months old and didn’t walk yet!  Once they are both well, we’re hoping they can come visit us in Norfolk – as we’re sure they’d love this area in the summer.

On the way back from Vlissingen, we planned to stop off in Voorburg to have dinner with Jana, Philip and their two boys, Tobias & Stefan.

The only problem was that when we got to the street, we couldn’t remember which house was theirs. We didn’t have their phone number written down either! So after walking up and down a few times, Nils started knocking on doors of 178 & 180 – only to be greeted by homeowners who had no clue.  LOL!  So we drove to a local Turkish restaurant, so Nils went in and asked if he could use their phone book.  Turns out they didn’t have a book, but did have a computer in their kitchen which he looked up and found out that a P A Dekkers lives at 312 A… we were way off.  So we finally arrived, well over a an hour late.. but it was a great visit!

Their boys are each just a couple months older than our kids and they get along so well. They visited us in May and had such a good time then.  I went up to Tobais’ room to see what they were doing and found Stefan and Maebh with swords, whacking Tobias who has a large, wooden gun and was pretending to shoot them. They boys are very much into guns & swords – playing cops, robbers, pirates – 100% boys!

They were funny to see play together as Tobias speaks Dutch and Czech with his mother, Jana.  So it was great for him to practice his English, and Soren could practice his Dutch.  They just get on with it and have fun.


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