West Norfolk Day Out – Morston Quay, Burnham Overy Staithe & Brancaster Beach

We decided to head out to the beach and stop somewhere for a pint and a snack, before the rain.  The original plan was to head towards Holkham Estate and check out the climbing structure playground, then take a walk on the Nature Reserve & Beach to collect beach shells for our crafts.  Coincidently last year in November, we also had a family visit to Holkham.

However, just before we left the house, I checked their website and it says that it closed on the 31st of October.  So instead we just decided to carry on a bit further and walk around Brancaster Beach.  
As we were driving, we stopped over at Morston Quay to have a peak at the boats.   The seal boats were heading out at 3 pm to see the few baby seals which were just born.  So as it was low tide, we just walked around a bit and I took some photos of the boats and the kids.  

Bad penmanship ruined this sign:) 
Then from there heading towards Brancaster Beach, we stopped over at Burnham Overy Staithe.  As we were all hungry, we decided to have lunch in the Hero.  When we were looking at houses in that area, I did some researched around restaurants and pubs nearby, so I knew it was supposed to be a family-friendly place.   As we never go out to eat here and the handful of meals we’ve had in the past YEAR were nearly all crap. But thankfully, we all really enjoyed our meals.  Highly recommend this place & will go back again.  They do a lot of takeaway sandwiches, which can then be enjoyed ont he beach, which is just a short two minute walk up the lane.  We arrived just after noon, there was only two tables open and when we left, every table inside & out was taken by so many families.  So while I’d like to say it’s a hidden gem, clearly we are wrong as it was packed when we left. 
After we ate our lunch, we headed over to the Staithe which was so pretty with the lighting.  

We had never been on Brancaster Beach before.  Such a lovely, expansive beach with loads of sand – perfect summer beach.  There is a little shop which sells drinks, snacks and beach toys and with the car park so close, there is not a long walk with all your stuff.

Of course, the first thing Soren did was walk to the water and started to step in a bit.  He’s been doing this since he was a tiny boy, due to the few years of his life living right on Winthrop beach.  Maebh while born there & spent her first year there, she prefers to “Go to the beach, without the sand!”

The kids helped me find sea shells for some crafts.  Soren brought me a pretty “Queenie” and a body of crab shell, while Maebh found loads of oyster shells and told me she could hear the ocean.  We left with a big group of shells for our crafts.

Maebh and I were hanging out by the rocks for a bit and taking some photos of birds and things and suddenly a black dog photo bombed my picture.  

Sammy The Stilt 

We were able to get about an hour of time on the beach looking for shells and messing about until it started to spit.  The plan was to pop into Wells-Next-The-Sea for the kids to play at the Pirate Ship playground but with the dark clouds right overhead, we chose to do that another time and just head back home.

As we drove, we saw rainbow after rainbow and huge clouds like it was a tornado in the mid-west.

The clouds were huge,dark & mysterious and as we were driving by Baconsthorpe Castle on the way home, so I took a few photos there.

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