National Trust: Owl Prowl @ Sheringham Park

Last night, the kids & I headed over to Sheringham Park for the Owl Prowl from 4-6 pm.  There were about 25 people in total, but mainly families with kids average aged 7.  Maebh did a toddler-friendly session called It’ll Be A Hoot with Acorns Toddler Group, so she was one step ahead.

Before we got to Sheringham Park, we stopped in the town center to pick up Nils’ suit and there was a great rainbow over the town.  Only having my iPhone with me, this was the best photo we could get. If we hadn’t been going to the event, I’d have gone over to the Beeston Bump, as I’m sure you could get a great shot from there.

As we walked by the Break, we popped in to see if they had anything good in stock and we spotted a radio/flashlight for €1.50 so we grabbed it.  The kids each had flashlights (aka torches), so this was very handy to have for me.   Not only did it have a radio and light, but it also has a siren – clearly a handy emergency tool and the kids played with it a lot and even now, first thing in the morning, Soren has it on his lap. 

We started off in the Learning Center where Ranger Rob, explained the five owls you can find here in Norfolk, UK and a little about each one and where they can be found.

Barn Owl,  Tawny, Little Owl, Short Ear Owl &  Long Ear Owl

Each chair had a couple owl pellets in front of them along with some tools to dissect them, along with a telescope to look at each piece much closer.   Soren and Maebh both did a great job taking their pellets apart… which was really tricky not to break them into more bits.  Each had a few skulls of shrews and a small bird with loads of bones and fur.

The bones and bits were cleaned off a bit more, they put them in glue and put them on these black card paper.  Since the kids are young, they did it more of a glob of glue with the bones vs. like some of the much older kids, separated them out.

The entire group headed out for a walk to see if we could hear any.  We were out for about an hour. Started out down the main path, to the orange trail which was very slippery with leaves and steps – thankfully just as we were about to set off on the walk, Nils met up with us and could hold onto Maebh’s hand.  As we walked along the main parkland in the dark with mooing cows on both sides, climbing fences and doing our best to avoid cow poo.  We stopped to watch some bats flying around us, but we could not find any owls this night.

Glad we did it as the kids had fun & it was pretty educational.  As our family really loves owls, especially Barn Owls, I knew I had to book into this session once it was posted on the website.  There are several UK-based Barn Owl webcams online and I hope Sheringham Park will get one set up soon – they are great to watch.

Finally, speaking of Web Cams, there are SOOO many in UK – you can spend so much time viewing the various sites around the UK.


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