Weybourne Beach – Late Afternoon Visit

Yesterday when Nils & the kids picked me up from work, we decided to pop over to Weybourne Beach for a little walk along the cliffs to take advantage of the warmer weather.  At 16.5 degrees (50F), it was a lovely to not have to bundle up.  He has his iPhone, so I was able to take some photos. 





When we arrived, the kids didn’t want to walk along the cliffs, rather run up & down the shingles and throw stones in the ocean.


Soren spotted a huge crab and was holding him and then spotted another, really large one.  When he was holding it, suddenly it started to move – it was ALIVE!  So we tossed it back into the ocean so it can hopefully live.  Thankfully he didn’t get pinched as he was really huge. Poor guy was probably going to die stuck up on the rocks had Soren not come along.




Lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place – amazing Norfolk beaches and wide open skies!

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