DIY: Maebh’s Room Update – Wallpaper Again! Park 1b

Paining the room before Nils returns is out of the question! I’m going to give wiping down the wall one more go and if it is not gone, I’m going to take the suggestion of my friend and just re-paper that one wall in Maebh’s room.  Just hope she is willing to help me! 🙂

I’m totally frustrated and annoyed with it and think that there is no way I can paint it without doing something major to it first like sanding it, skimming it, etc.  There are a few tiny holes and some scrapes and so much sticky glue film which won’t come off.  When I scrape it, I feel like I’m scraping off the paint and will get down to the dry wall.  So covering it will be a good option.

Now what paper to pick out for that one wall? I want to select something that is pretty timeless and won’t be too bold as it will be permanent.  I’m thinking a soft floral with a few colors or something pretty with birds.  I’ll do some searching and post them here to see what I come up with.   I popped into Homebase today after the Harvest Festival to pick up some samples… there is only a dozen or so contenders, but I’m not in love with any.  In fact, if I had to choose one right this minute, it would be the patterned or stripped one which you paint over.   

After doing some more research, I think I’m officially in love with all things PiP Studio.  I think it’s the Dutch version of Cath Kidson – but I love so much about it.  Though most of their paper is not delivered outside of The Netherlands, so I’ll have to have it brought over. 

Here are some of my favorites – but with each new page, I find more that I love.  

OR – I just go plain on the walls & buy her a new duvet color which I’m in love with also.

I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to paint her room a really light, icy blue/green color called Fresh Surf from Dulux Light & Space collection. It has tiny speckles in it which reflect and make the room appear larger.  While not the best photo, this office is painted Fresh Surf.

This next photo was taken in her room a few minutes ago, after I applied a bit of the tester pot on the wall.  I’m wondering, however, if I have to prime the walls first, but will check later when it dries.

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