DIY/Home REnovations – Wallpaper Removal – Part 1a

I’m on a DIY roll..  Now that Nils is gone this week, my hope is to have Maebh’s room painted before he returns on Friday.  He’s allergic to paint and has fainted due to pain, so the quicker I can get it done, the better.

There were two walls in the house which had wallpaper on them when we moved in.  They are what I guess is call a “feature wall” effect, as the other three walls in each of the rooms are plain.  Also I think it’s quite common here in the UK, as I’ve seen or been to a few homes with this big floral patterns on single wall.  The one in the dining area is actually not bad (though not my style) with large, blue/green flowers. Plus it was hung property and neat.

This is the area where we have our dining table with a light blue/green polka dot oilcloth cover.  The other lady, Nancy, actually used it as a second sitting area shown here.

The second room with wallpaper is Maebh’s room.  It is also the smallest room in the house.  I personally think it was pretty awful, and a jet black and silver damask feature wall and it is NOT going to stay.  Close up the print is not so bad, but as a whole wall it was.  Here is a photo of how it was.

Over the past weeks, I’ve slowly pulled back the top layer (the black section), except the top right corner as I couldn’t reach. So the first layer is off.  While it didn’t look perfect, at least the black stuff was gone.

Doing some research, I read the best way to remove it is with either with a combo of fabric softener with hot water or some chemical solution at the hardware store, which I bought.

But before I used any chemicals, I tried just plain super hot water in a spray bottle before scraping with a putty knife, was enough to do the trick. Most of the sticky paper backing is gone, some places have a bit of residue from the adhesive.  Once the last three strips are gone, I think I’ll use the sugar soap to get it really clean and ready to paint.

The following photos have aspects of items that I’d like to incorporate in the room.  Or at least I feel this way today. With Pinterest and the Internet, I just keep changing my mind with each nice color combo.  Maebh requested pink stuff, then again, if I gave her a pink lamp, she’d be fine – she’s 3!  I know that rooms look bigger when painted a light cream or ice blue color, so I’m really leaning towards a really light ice blue/aqua color with white trim.

I’m on the hunt for a double, pine wood bed frame which I will paint either a white or a pink color. There is a Jenny Lind bed from The Land of Nod which I absolutely love but not at $699!!  At the same time, I wanted to paint her dressing table.  So if I have a painted bed, then the dresser won’t also be bright pink too.  See, so many choices!  Also, while I wanted to keep them, the handles will need to be replaced as one broke in 1/2 during the move.

Bright (glossy!) pink dresser,
Like the light aqua color of the walls & the colorful frames.

Will post another after photo, once I finally get there rest of the adhesive stuff off and cleaned with sugar soap.
UPDATE:  October 8, 2013  – Well, I finished scraping off all the wall paper but the glue adhesive stuff is still there on a lot of places.  I used the sugar soap but it stinks and I think I’m peeling paint of now.   I’m so annoyed and hot, so I’m taking a break and going to try using just plain vinegar and see how that works.

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